Monday, May 28, 2012

James Spione - Incident in New Baghdad - Collateral Murder

Oscar nominee James Spione discusses his film 'Incident in New Baghdad' about Army veteran Ethan McCord's life-changing experiences following a U.S. helicopter attack that killed journalists and civilians in 2007.

You might also know this incident as whistleblower Bradley Manning's swansong aka Wikileaks COLLATERAL MURDER.

With ex-UK prime minister Tony Blair on his way to a Leveson appearance, this morning, can ANYONE tell me what the Iraq War was really about?


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muzuzuzus said...

Its a very deep question you ask which has levels of meaning. it is also difficult because some of the speakers who Do talk about the deeper meanings are themselves lost in a lot of New Age BS which is of the same ilk, when you get down to it, as the religion OF the elite.
On a 'superficial' level --if you will--it is simple land grab and the wset getting their hends on their fuel sources--OIL. But there is also muythological stuff going on. Iraq is the beginnings of modern civilization, and the whole solar mythos the patriarchy is built on, and so when you look at the 'codes' to do with the war (and 9/11, etc) you will find references to all this. And THIS is what is really the deep drive behind all the sadistic insanity we are witnessing.
Example, the anceint 'sun-god-king' of Babylon fought with the Goddess of Chaos, Tiamat, and cut her up in very savage way like some demented serial killer. This is from the mythic epic called the Enuma Elish.

What this myth is revealing is how the solar elite suppress the Goddess and nature and impose their oppression, including mechanical time, and love of war and war and war, onto the universe and Earth.
So what have we now? We have the same fukin elites psychological connected to all that, and hey guess what...? The LOVE war, and it is a massive profit-making business for them, and provides the sacrifices they need for their gods so as to keep their toxic matrix maintained.
its only when we start becoming aware of these deeper levels will we not be under their spell. For instance how many young males are oblivious to the evil of these people and willingly sign away their lives to their cause in the military, etc?