Friday, May 18, 2012

MIT interface - what a load of balls.

this utterly rubbish jittering mess is being touted as MIT Media Lab's newest shiniest 'interface' - whatever that means.

Hey, it uses CHROME BALLS...

The future of user interfaces seems to be gesture-based, at least if one simply looks at where research dollars are flowing and what products--yes, like the Kinect--are coming to market. But the peripheral is not dead. Jinha Lee at the Tangible Media Group at the MIT Media Lab sees a different future, one that dispenses with gravity to create a much more tangible yet futuristic UI that lets users move and interact with floating, gravity-defying objects in 3-D space. [source POPSCI]

For me, they really need to smooth out their interpolation algorhythm, give it some 'bezier curve' and some 'tortional stability' rather than that horrible ever-swimming skitter.

And one has to feign concern about 'the long term effects of immersion in a dense electromagnetic enviroment might have on human tissue' as pointed out by commenter #1.

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