Monday, May 07, 2012

NOC or No Official Cover - British Secret Operations - Nicholas Anderson pseudonym

NOC or Non Official Cover:British Secret Operations has been classified as (and won the 2011 Global Ebook Award in the category of) Historical Fiction, and the content has been vetted (i.e. he lost several hundred pages on the Gladio subject) so that the man behind his signature on the Official Secrets Act will not be sullied.

'Nicholas Anderson' is understandably a writing pseudonym, for reasons of National Security.

"NOCs are one-person stations able to function anywhere in the world. I'm an out-of-the-box thinker, a curious person," Anderson explains, adding that there are a few dozen UK NOCs and a couple hundred USA NOCs.

Here's an introduction to 'Nicholas Anderson' to whet your appetite:

For those of you who are intrigued and want to delve further, and are even thinking (seriously) about getting the NOC ebook or paperback, go have a look at other NINE VIDEO interviews on the NOC Book Channel, dealing with these contentious issues:

China's Military Invasion of Europe
Operation Gladio
Assassination of a British Ambassador Christopher Ewart-Biggs
Unknown History of AIDS
The Secret Intelligence Service
Stem Cell Transplantation
E Squadron
Big Pharma
Gaddafi's Tunnels

Ever-eager to keep Free Planet topical, and staying aware of the dangerous nature of such an act, I gently pressed 'Nicholas Anderson' for his 'expert opinion' on the (to my mind very staged and very symbollic) death of GCHQ code-breaker and trainee-spook Gareth Williams and received an enigmatic the truth will eventually out response.

There's a second book due soon called NOC TWICE, and a third book is in the making. NOC the movie is said to be in development.

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