Wednesday, May 30, 2012

this is how a Free Planet starts - real people - taking control back

"Fuck you, fuck your elections," nice.

And don't go thinking Free Planet is to be militarised as a terrorist movement just like Occupy. That's so much horse shit. It's about as much horseshit as the BBC trying to pin the Houla massacre on the Syrian military when the deaths of women and children were in an American-funded Al-Qaeda-Iraq-branch stylee. And the FLAME virus, 'sponsored by a western government', what again? And don't forget Gadhimai's due again in 2014 - what's that? MASS SLAUGHTER OF animals in the name of 'some fucking weather god', some vengeant tyrant ruler who 'controls all'.

WE CONTROL ALL -as best we can- WE'RE IT.

You can't arrest all the members of Free Planet, we're the 99.999999%, we're the seven billion sovereign individuals, the Custodians of this world. There's no law in the world you can invent that won't make us forget THIS IS OUR HOMEWORLD.

"Do right by Free Planet and free planet will do right by you, " that's the guiding principal, that levels the playing field.

FUCK YOU SUPPLEMENTAL: here's IL State Representative Mike Bost, in Congress, doing his civil duty. Praise him!

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