Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Will Self - New Statesman - Women-haters in pastel roll-necks

The transvaginal probe is a long, dildo-shaped instrument used to detect foetal heartbeats – or, at least, that’s what an unholy alliance in the US of state legislators, anti-abortion campaigners and their medical henchmen see as its purpose. Increasing numbers of states are demanding that women seeking abortions be subjected to the probe, so that they can hear the beating heart of the “person” they are about to murder. One doctor interviewed on BBC’s Newsnight – standing in front of the examination couch, probe in his hand – explained that the procedure had no medical utility and was simply a way of traumatising these women.

READ ON, if you must...

The contentious crowd-baiting moron, the inveterate Speaker's Corner rabble rouser, might trumpet, "Gah, an abortion is just like a VERY LATE period," and stand there with his mouth open, awaiting the inevitable; incoming! But then you're going to cause a fundamentalist feather ruffle and every 'glob of dripping munch' becomes sanctified and deified and that's the end of common sense on an already overcrowded planet racing towards the global land fill faster than you can say, "Road repairs and sewage works are the corner stone of Civilised Society, dahrlinck."

Woah... too much.

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