Sunday, June 24, 2012

British queen gets pay rise despite Recession.

this was first reported by Reuters, but this editorial content is courtesy of Press TV:

As a growing number of British families are feeling the pinch of rising household costs and taxes amid the recession, Queen Elizabeth II is getting a pay rise!

The Queen's annual pay is about to jump by 20 percent from 30 to 36 million pounds, at a time when Britain is in recession and many families are feeling the pinch of higher household costs and taxes.

She has been paid by taxpayers through an allowance set by Parliament and via other government grants since King George III ceded all property profits to the Treasury in 1760.

Her property holdings, known as the Crown Estate, posted a record profit of 240.2 million pounds ($377.4 million), a net rise of 4 percent in the year through March 2012 largely due to strong tenant demand for its shops in the up-market Regent Street and St James's districts of London.

Well, there ya go - You The People get more Austerity, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Family get your Money.


dognamedblue said...

Time magazine also did an article her getting a 20% rise:

I stand by me saying she can afford to give every man & woman in the uk a £1million & still be the fattest cat on the block

apeman2502 said...

I'm always glad to hear on how queen lizard is doing. After parliament canned her from her position as manager of Buckingham Palace's finances for stealing from the pauper's emergency heating fund, they see to give her a 20% raise. She even tried to create a diversion by declaring global warming and appointed Al 'D' Gore to lead that charade as the queen's wizard. It has always been one treachery after another and no pay raise is due. My sympathies to my English friends and all of us.