Saturday, June 16, 2012

LIT MOTORS unveils first working prototype of its C-1

readers of Free Planet will remember seeing the glossy white concept C-1 two-wheel stabilised monocoqued motorbike from Lit Motors (who contributed positively to the comments section of that post) going through its virtual paces, being slammed into by a car (and not falling over) and standing on its own two wheels during parking (and not falling over).

All very stable, and promising...

My critical contention was that the Peraves E-Tracer was a sexier visual proposition and it didn't need the expense and weight of electromagnetic stabilisation because it had LEGS with wheels on the end, for parking and in stalled traffic or at zera crossings, traffic lights etc.

Well, here's new footage of a full-scale working prototype of Lit Motors C-1 and (it has to be said) it doesn't look as stable, e.g. at zebra crossings, as projected in the concept stage AND yes they have included unobtrusive-but-essential parking legs as if they also had concerns that a long-stay spell of parking might result in this thing falling over.

Plus, you're literally SAT ON AN A MASSIVE ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD all the time you're driving this ... is that a good idea?

2012 UPDATE: Lit Motors have been quiet of late, as they go through the final teething stages of tukrning their working prototype into a full production model, and (as of today, Monday November 5th) the banner slogan on their website REKINDLE THE EXCITEMENT doesn't seem to know where it's at - does the same fate as Aptera await this innovative company?

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