Monday, June 11, 2012

Lloyd Pye - Starchild Skull - Intervention Theory

The STARCHILD SKULL has been quite an enigma since it was found in 1930 in a mine tunnel in Copper Canyon, northwest Mexico. For the last thirteen years, Lloyd Pye has personally spending his own money to run a vast array of physical and genetic tests on the skull. He has taken the flak from various online scattergunners...

Here's the examination of the Starchild Skull...

...and these new DNA-results have just compounded the enigma.

The reason Lloyd Pye doesn't fall into the category of Conspiracy Theorist and his 'starchild skull' doesn't fall into the category of Conspiracy Theory?

The physical evidence.

TWO HOURS WORTH OF BONUS MATERIALS: as Lloyd Pye's STARCHILD skull might be a new topic for you, here's Pye's talk on INTERVENTION THEORY where he talks about subjects being covered in Ridley Scott's new film PROMETHEUS; that neither Darwinian Natural Selection nor a Biblical God made humans.

TERRAFORMERS did it; made us 120,000 years ago - THERE IS NO MISSING LINK.

Especially relevant when Pye delves into the first 'real' post-Stone Age civilisation, the Sumerians - the 'Engineers' Zacharia Sitchin called the ANNUNAKI - this is all covered in Prometheus.

Lloyd Pye has COMPELLING GENETIC EVIDENCE for a Noah's Ark-type scenario where ALMOST ALL LIFE ON EARTH WAS WIPED OUT and several distinct species were laboratory-spliced to populate the land, some sort of DELUGE (if you like) that rained down upon the Earth (from the stars?).

This is exactly where Ridley Scott's Prometheus trilogy is headed - seriously, this is NOW getting mainstream media attention.

And it gets weirder when you start to analyse the intimately-interlocking stonework at Sacsayhuaman.

In an excellent article published in Ancient American Magazine, author Laura Lee described her discussions with Dr. Ivan Watkins, a Professor of Geology at St. Cloud University in Minnesota. Lee reports that "The methods that are supposed to have been used by the ancients, such as pounding, hammering, grinding, polishing with abrasives, and wedging, just don't match up with what Watkins sees under the microscope."

Hint: only LASERS could have scorched smooth the microscopic surface of these gigantic stones. Not, I repeat, NOT stone tools.

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MIkeff said...

For a kid in the 50's (or at least for me), the missing link was a big deal. That and all the other 'mysteries'.
Lloyd Pye's work is super important and the Starchild is clearly a game changer
I wonder if the ET's left the skull as an enigma to be unraveled at a time, when our science is advanced enough (perhaps no coincidence that it happens to be 2012)
But who are the Terraformers and who created them???
Perhaps we will soon find out!

Keep up the good work Mike