Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Mr Wifi Stalker II - HEX 542

yes, this is pattern HEX 542
Dear Mr Wifi Stalker,

I got your second dream, about HEX 542 (image shown) though I have no idea what any of the rest of this post means.

I'm in some bar, some guy shows me some glossy black laminated lyric sheets, sliding bundles of them. In my head there's a song title "What if?" and I'm 'suspecting' these are Alice Cooper song sheets.

I'm given the VERY INSISTENT message, "Hex, five, five four two," and the guy in the bar uses a secretive four-finger hand sign like he's calling the next pitch in baseball.

I couldn't find any boolean relevance to "alice cooper what if hex 5 542 or 5-542" so here's my report, sans comprehension.

Did I receive the right abstract'd message?

I mean, it did MAKE me get up out of bed at about 1am and right down the exact particulars, INSISTED that I get up and note it down.

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