Thursday, June 28, 2012

Peenemünde - Baltic Sea Anomaly - Nazi UFOs and Hitler's Nukes

Peenemünde, site of UFO-development in Nazi Germany in the 1950s?


The Nazi Threat was quashed in 1945, right? Well, maybe not. Maybe this is THE BIG EMBARRASSMENT the US Government is fearing, that they helped protect and fund the research Nazi Scientists (yeah even after WW2 ended) did on so-called UFO fluid-vortex technology.

There's another connection to Peenemünde (video below) by the genius thriller writer Robert Ludlum: in his novel THE REINEMANN EXCHANGE which has a US-covert-agent named David Spaulding involved in the exchange of technology for technology between 'enemies' USA and Germany during the climax of the second world war - a sort of 'we need this, you need that' RIGHTEOUS EXCHANGE and a FINISHING LINE DASH to global victory.

That's the funny thing here, in the novel the plan is THWARTED by the secret agent who takes it upon himself to eliminate the enemy in Argentina (where he's negotiating between his (corrupt) Handlers and the (escaped) Nazi scientists) and break the deal.

This recent Baltic Sea Anomaly story suggests a MUCH MORE INTIMATE collusion between the USA and Germany, during and after the Second World War - I mean, look at all the Nazi Scientists who ended up PAPERCLIPPING AT NASA, ffs!

Here's the first NAZI UFO interview - dealing with Nazi UFO + Hitler nukes.
Here's the second NAZI UFO interview - dealing with Baltic Sea USO being a V7 Nazi craft + NWO top-down Eugenics, as opposed to Free Planet common sense fixed-asset management.

Of course, there's this: just to smear dis-credence all over such talk:

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