Saturday, June 23, 2012

UFO researcher Maximillien de Lafayette SILENCED live on the air

I've seen Y2K-like PUBLICITY STUNTS before and this doesn't feel like one of those snake-oil moments. This feels like, "Here's your daughter, Mr Lafayette, she'd like a word with her papa," ominous.

Clyde Lewis host of GROUND ZERO MEDIA will Host a Special Ground Zero to Discuss why UFO Author and Researcher Maximillien de Lafayette was Silenced Live on the Air!

The incident took place at the beginning of the third hour when de Lafayette abruptly announced he had one minute to finish then apparently read a prepared statement retracting his research then quickly hung up the phone with no further details.

Who silenced de Lafayette? Why was he silenced and more importantly what does this mean? Clyde will discuss the event on Monday 25th June along with other members of the Ground Zero Team who were present. He will also discuss what de Lafayette had been disclosing and about to disclose when the interview was shutdown.

It sounds a lot like de Lafayette had already said too much about the Baltic Sea Anomaly and the German-American UFO-tech collusion at the end of the Second World War and on to 2020, and got 'a special phone call'.


JUNE 25TH UPDATE: the Special Monday Show is not up yet, so here's the video footage of the event happening live, check this out.

JUNE 26TH UPDATE: finally, the special Monday 25th podcast about whatever the Hell that June 22nd truncated interview with Maximillien de Lafayette was. And the Free Planet blog gets a mention in the intro...

Follow-up to the de Lafayette SILENCED ON AIR show.

So, basically,

1) nobody from the show seemed to have been able to re-connect with Maximillien de Lafayette, i.e. there's no official response from him. Later in the show, maybe there'll be answers.

2) this show CONFIRMS that 'most if not all' UFO sightings are just non-NEED TO KNOW civilians reporting on the latest spy/corporate war flying machines, etc. Knew it.

3) THE INTERNET IS A GIANT CESS-PIT OF PROPAGANDA, quoting (and agreeing with) one of the callers to the show.

4) CHOMP, quoting Lewis about what he thinks are aliens' role here on this planet; we're food. Love it.

INDEPENDENCE DAY JULY 4th 2012 UPDATE: actress Angelique Doudnikova, ex-lover and editorial assistant of Maximillien de Lafayette (who left a Comment on this post), made her way onto the latest edition of Ground Zero Media's Clyde Lewis show and SHAT HER GUTS OUT, literally 'spilled the beans' about Facebook about Three Letter Agencies about Murder Training such that the host had to stop her.

He physically told her to STOP saying what she was saying about her life and those who control her.



Mike: off-topic that I thought you might enjoy.

Prometheus Unbound: What The Movie Was Actually About

Mike Philbin said...

Yeah, I've read that already, but thanks for thinking of Free Planet with this perspective.

It's all about belief, or rather, "It's all about being able to WIN YOUR ARGUMENT on any given subject."

Bit sad really.

:) said...

I think Colonel Zack and Major Greg's superiors should have Mad Max placed back under supervised habitation.
His ex-wife was deep cover NSA/ CIA, and after their bitter divorce, he started to blab about her covert work. So he was taken into custody to shut him up.

He was released in January of 2010, after signing a non-disclosure/ confidentiality agreement.

Truefold Benny, Germaine Poitiers, Carol Lexter, Benny True or whatever other name he comes up with, are all him, and are accounts he created himself on Facebook and other sites. Check the computer ip addresses for all of them.
As are all those glowing five star reviews on amazon he wrote for himself about his books.
Observe in the five star amazon reviews how he refers to himself in the third person. "Lafayette said this, and Lafayette is the foremost authority on that" and on and on.
He asked me to reply to some of his readers and followers on Facebook, while signed in on his computer at home as Germaine Poitier.
I absolutely refused every time.

I spent 2010 fighting and writing and editing with this man, and he ended our relationship in the most horrific way.
I wish I had never seen him on UFO Hunters, because then I would never have pursued him.
When I met Bill Birnes in Brooklyn in 2010, at a meeting Daniel Pinchbeck was hosting, I asked him how he came to know of MDL and he said it was a producer who came across one of his early books, and suggested they have him on the show.

As a woman I ask: What kind of man goes out into the hallway to make a phonecall to have three guys dressed up in "swat-like" uniforms, and one african american in an NYPD uniform, come over to escort you out and put you in a cab to go back to your apartment, because you decide to take a shower after building SIX six foot bookcases, instead of leaving, when he screams "Get out!! Get out right now!!" over an issue of lamps not being delivered from Bloomingdales??
(The bookcases I built can be seen behind him in the 2010 Ancient Aliens interviews, with only HIS published books on all of the shelves.)
One drunken night he revealed to me that they said that "dress up routine" was a favor they would do for him only that one time.
I do believe he was given certain information to disseminate to people interested in UFO/ E.T. technology and existence. How much of it is true and how much of it is disinformation purposely given to him to put out there I will never know for sure.

Mike Philbin said...

this part of your lengthy comment is interesting,

"He was released in January of 2010, after signing a non-disclosure/ confidentiality agreement." woah, really?

You realise I'm no fan of these NDAs foisted upon You The People contrary to the specifics of Your Constitution.

Lord David Prosser said...

I understand Max may be of Algerian extraction with a French father. One of the passports he holds would seem to agree with this. He's a masterful storyteller and quite adept with self -publicity so it's possible this was another example of that in action in order to raise some interest in his books on Amazon. Sales have languished.
There have been claims before of being taken into custody by the CIA and held in a base on Cuba.A week later he reappears unchanged. If you follow his claims on his websites it seems he's been a famous playwright, I've found no trace. A famous Artist, again I've found no trace of his works changing hands, and of course a best selling author which is a wild exaggeration but the strange thing about his books is the short space of time over which many of them appear. One suggestion I heard was that Max is actually a group of people publishing under that name, another that he is a piece of computer software producing the books.It's anybody's guess what is true but one thing is for sure, he'll reappear soon with another story.