Sunday, June 03, 2012

WHAT PLANET IS THIS? dream blocking

It's true.

I'm being DREAM BLOCKED - by someone or something or someagency on or off world.

How do I know this? It's easy, when I first started to CONTROL CERTAIN ASPECTS OF MY DREAMS I could feel the dream, realise I was in it, and therefore TAKE CONTROL; making things levitate, making myself fly, making my forearms stretch.

I KNEW I was dreaming, and could change that dream to my own design.

Recently, I've been wondering if dreams are (somehow) connected to SOLVING PROBLEMS ON OTHER PLANETS, maybe even each dream was a visitation to or from another planet, to solve their problem using "our dream vocabulary" for them, like a MDTI or Multi Dimensional Translational Interface to help 'them' solve 'their problems'.

I've resolved to communicate with these alien worlds by asking the question (or reminding myself to ask in the dream) through this medium, "What planet is this?"

Well, well, well, we don't like such direct intervention, do we? Since I've deigned to try to DIRECTLY COMMUNICATE with these otherworlders, via my dream syntax, I've been UNABLE TO REALISE I'M IN A DREAM. And I've been trying for weeks now to impart this message across the inter-dimensional divide.

It's like my ABILITY TO REALISE I'M DREAMING (which I've had for decades) has suddenly stopped working.


TWO WEEKS LATER UPDATE: I wouldn't say the RESISTANCE to this experiment is becoming MILILTARY in nature but it is VERY FORCEFUL. It's like THERE'S NO WAY, I'm going to be able to ask the question in a Lucid Dream, "What planet is this?"

I've tried multiple methods to activate the Lucid Dreaming effect, as was.

Mankind's role in this (newly discovered process) seems to be to USE his special symbollic dream language skills to good effect ELSEWHERE. He's certainly not, I'm certainly not, being allowed to DIRECTLY COMMUNICATE or otherwise reveal the source of this Dream Environment.

I'll keep trying, obviously, it's just a WAR OF ATTRITION, which I have won before, and will again.


Jay said...

Maybe your own "Higher Self" has determined time is up on having access to your ability to be aware and control your dreams....for now...maybe you need to focus more on this physical plane and deal with it more fully on its own terms so that you will have a deeper immersion of its experiences.

...this is just a suggestion...

25 years ago I had the same experience of the ability to be aware in dreams and direct "the show"...then it faded away..however it didn't diminish my spiritual/metaphysical "developments/accomplishments" while focused more so in the physical. This is what I learned; what you are able to do in one modus operandi can be accomplished through other means. Maybe you are being challenged or invited to explore the same thing in another way.

Mike Philbin said...

Wow, "my own higher self"?

You mean, "this isn't it?"


Enki said...

I just finished a book by Carl Young on dreams. THe book was on symbols. In the book he analyses a guy Henry who has dreams and is able to solve the problems through dreaming.

I think dreams are a useful tool in our reality. I also believe that astrology plays an important role in understanding reality as expressed by Santo Bonacci in his videos astro-theology. We can interpret reality the same way we interpret dreams.

THe other day I ran into a deer and it died with 2 fawns yet to be born on May 21 the beginning of gemini. I am also born in the sign on the 28th. So I'm starting to believe that realty can be interpreted as a dream.
The twin fawns at the beginning of gemini also representing the feminine. Was the synchronicity an event telling me something? Just before it happened I also observed a raven ... gate keeper of the under world?

Morganti said...

Dreams are connected, as you suspect, but not to outer worlds, but to inner ones.

You are no longer dreaming that you realize you are dreaming.