Saturday, July 28, 2012

2012 London Olympics opening ceremony - 1:42 recap

it was encouraging to see The Sex Pistols on last night's Hobbits-became-Slaves wanxtravaganza, but would you really wanna sit through three bum-numbing hours when you could get just as much information from this 1:42 recap from Taiwanese 'animation' outfit NMA_TV?

No, I don't understand why it's in Chinese, rather than Taiwanese, either.

STARLOG SUPPLEMENTAL: here's a press release from Occupy London about last night's Critical Mass cycle demonstration in The City (like, what did they expect?)

A peaceful good natured mass cycle that has happened on the last Friday of every month for the past eighteen years was met with police aggression, pepper spray, violence with truncheons used, kettling and multiple arrests. Red London buses full of confiscated bicycles present a very different image of what this city means to the people who live in it in 2012.

Today (Saturday) Occupy London will join more than 40 groups protesting against the Olympics for the ‘Whose Games? Whose City?‘ demonstration, organised by the Counter Olympics Network. Assembling in Mile End Park in East London at noon, there will be a march to Wennington Green for a family friendly event including speeches, entertainment, alternative games and children’s events.

There is no intention to cause disruption to the games. We hope that the police and other interested parties including LOCOG, the ODA, the IOC likewise respect people’s sacrosanct right to assemble, travel and protest peacefully.

Of course there's no news of this event on mainstream media - why would there be?

Oh, I did find the 'blond girl driving the Mini with the half-cast child who sits outside on his mobile phone' a little insulting. And why was the Queen of England starring alongside KNOWN MASS MURDERING PSYCHOPATH aka "James Bond"? And what's the SATURATION of Illuminati imagery? Or is it 'light workers'?

I wonder if Danny Boyle was the right man for the job of Britishness Ambassador; I couldn't work out whose side he was on. Or if he knows what he's done.

777 UPDATE: I only just found out today that a) Akram Kahn's dance tribute commemorated the 52 victims of the July 7th 2005 bombings of three London Underground trains and a double-decker bus and b) this tribute was CUT by American broadcaster NBC who ran a brief interview with Olympic champion swimmer Michael Phelps conducted by "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest instead.

Well, that's the second time the 777 (July 7th 2005, numerologically) bombing has been highlighted by A GLOBAL SPORTING EVENT, the first time was, of course, during the Beijing Olympics Handover Ceremony at the end of the 2008 Summer Games.

Terror and Sport do not mix, guys - sorry, it's sick, and twisted.


dognamedblue said...

how does this tie in for you?
those "light workers" [does that mean they're "light" on doing some work?] are telling us that we're going to have visitors at the end of the olympics:

free at last eh? ;)

Mike Philbin said...


I'm not sure, Danny Boyle did after all have the Muse (Uprising) THEY WILL NOT CONTROL US soundtrack running through his visionary (if jumbled) ceremony.

Maybe LIGHT WORKERS are on their way.