Monday, July 23, 2012

Den of Geek - Man of Steel - trailers ahoy miharties

DEN OF GEEK have run their first 'trailer analysis' article of Zack Snyder(Watchmen & 300)'s forthcoming Superman reboot MAN OF STEEL, and it's a corker.

Much like the teaser to Batman Begins back in 2004, this short trailer is clearly designed to undercut audience expectation of a movie featuring this character. As with the original Begins clip, what we get here is in effect much more of a mood piece than any sort of indication of what the story is likely to be.

Initially eschewing the bucolic Norman Rockwell tones of Superman’s earlier incarnations, the teaser opens with a number of defiantly non-heroic shots.

There’s water crashing against rocks, washing fluttering on a line, a gull circling a wind-swept cliff-top home and a fishing boat safely moored in dry dock. It’s here that we get our first glimpse of Clark Kent (Henry Cavill). Bearded, tired and scruffily dressed, the proto-Superman is shown feeding a dog in a back alley before we cut to Clark working a shift on the same fishing boat from earlier. Struggling with casting nets and soaked by the crashing waves, this version of Kent is clearly being framed as far more ‘human’ than any previous onscreen incarnation.

THUS SPAKE ZARATHUSTRA, with its UberMensch pontificating, similar to where Prometheus was headed, receives a rather ominous and royally trumpeted fanfare.

You know, I saw the opening credits on this trailer, the mention of Snyder and listened to the Elitist TONE of the piece, THEN the name of producer Christopher Nolan appeared, and I knew, just knew, this is how T.H.E.Y. make us believe in a Free Planet (run by them).

I quite like the (properly cynical) way they portray Superman as a MILITARY JET in this trailer - and is that a MONARCH butterfly trapped in the chains -  who watches the Watchmen, indeed?

This is not what we want, a Corporate Tyranny (while 'decapitated' by a gifted SuperSoldier with mindless dependents/followers) that fundamentally and structurally still exists and seven billion living, breathing, working people are STILL SLAVES TO PROFIT and victims of CORPORATE WARS for global ASSET ACQUISITION to fuel an EXTINCTION ECONOMICS MODELS that promise to fuck this Earth good.

Free Planet don't want such a(n Empire) Hellhole no more.

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