Sunday, July 01, 2012

Exclusive Undercover Reporter Infiltrates Security Firm to Expose London Olympics

OUTED FOR HIS OWN PROTECTION: 'Lee Hazledean' -- the whistleblower who exposed how he had infiltrated G4S as an employee and uncovered how security preparations for the Olympics were so poor that they were inviting a terrorist attack, has revealed himself to be Ben Fellows, an acclaimed director who has worked with Stanley Kubrick. Fellows has also appeared in numerous popular television and theatre shows.

The 2012 London olympics start in 4 weeks time. Exclusive interview with investigative journalist Lee Hazledean who is training undercover as a security guard for the London olympics with private security firm G4S. Lee is a filmmaker and investigative TV journalist.  
He has also been involved in major stories on the IRA and how British Army infiltrated the organisation and carried out false flag operations. He has managed to get undercover as part of the security team at the 2012 Olympics with G4S.  
He has found there is a media black out on all major news outlets to do with the Olympics unless the story is broken in a news paper or foreign news agency it's unlikely to see the light of day. Security training and officers are so appaling that the safety and security of the London 2012 Olympics are in jeopardy. [source TONY GOSLING @ BCFM]
Listen right through to the end, after Lee's interview ends, from 39:00 and onwards when Martin Summers wraps up and summarises.


JULY 11TH UPDATE: oh, dear, THE BRITISH ARMY are stepping in to help G4S with their Olympics policing contribution. An extra 3,500 leave-cancelled servicemen, freshly returned from Afghanistan, will be conscripted into Olympic Duty when they were (surely) expecting holiday time, bringing the total troops in London figure to 17,000. It was only at the weekend the the MOD decided to do this. One hopes this 'MOD stepping in' is due to the excellent investigative journalism of the subject of this post, 'Lee Hazledean' aka Ben Fellows.

And there's (still) NO MENTION of this infiltration incident on the mainstream media, NONE.

There's speculation that the whole 'Lee Hazledean' story was a media plant so that G4S could move out of the way and let The British Army police the Olympics, as may have always been the plan. British Army on the streets of England (and surface-to-air missiles sited on top of residential blocks) during the Olympics.

What do you'all think about that?

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caz said...

Ben Fellows – although he has been diagnosed with pericarditis (a serious heart condition) and fibromyalgia (a serious pain condition for which he takes pharmaceutical heroin) is going to fly a powered paraglider or paramotor across Russia, into Siberia and to the Bering Straits, then across the Bering Sea to Alaska.
Unfortunately he claims he is going to raise money for Leonard Cheshire Disability, one of the Work Programme subcontractors, chairman banker Ilyas Khan.
For the Ben Fellows story:
The London 2012 olympics:
For the Work Programme story: