Tuesday, July 24, 2012

JUMPER - slots in timespace - happens in childhood.

I'd seen this film before (and really enjoyed it, despite the negative press it garnered because Hayden Christiansen was reputed to have RUINED the first three Star Wars films) and I saw it again last night.

I'm talking of course about the film JUMPER, based on the 1992 novel by Steven Gould.

"My first jumper event happened when I was five years old." and Andrew D Basiago who claims to have been part of Project Pegasus as a child and the Mars Jumproom as an 18-year old even uses the phrase "JUMPER" when he's interviewed by Project Camelot (below).

Mentions the Denzel Washington film DEJA VU, which shows us that ALL SURVEILLANCE is good, even Minority Report surveillance through the future. Key phrase "NAVY WHITES".

Worrisome (potentially) that even mainstream media like THE HUFFIINGTON POST and THE WASHINGTON TIMES are handling this material now.
2103 NOTE: in the light of PRISM and the Edward Snowden revelations about global surveillance, it's interesting to note that the 'original enemy' of Jumper's central character David Rice was an NSA agent by the name of Brian Cox. The Paladins never existed, they were made up by the script writers of the film adapatation. What on Earth is Hollywood (propaganda machine)'s sick fascination with Good vs Evil?
"It was always you, ever since we were five." David to Lilly, in the film.

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