Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Mass (mandatory?) Vaccination Propaganda Exposed! - 25 June 2012 update - Jane Burgermeister

I must admit, it's been a while since Free Planet had a Jane Burgermeister update, this one's a fucking corker where she makes all sorts of claims about the 'alternative media'.

This is after my THIRD meeting with Actor Arrenay yesterday who started his conversation with, "Aren't you just loving these Weather Wars?" indicating the roiling sky with utter disdain.

Actor Arrenay is still adamant, stating that he worked on the GLOBAL MASS PRION INFECTION plan that will be triggered by release of a tainted flu virus or vaccination for such. He also restated his OUTRAGEOUS CLAIM of bead-of-glass mind-control STIMOCEIVERs that are planted under the side of the skull.

This place is far more 1984 than even the 'conspiracy theorists' believe, eh?

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