Tuesday, December 18, 2012

PROFIT - the game is criminal - man up; repent.

let's get down to brass-tacks balls-to-the-wall basics here, "What is the most insidious destructive war-mongering human invention on this planet?"


Everything must be done by the corporations, by the IGE or invisible global empire, to preserve the PROFIT-game. By this usury-like theology are the masses controlled lured into Prison Cities. I realise this TRUTH is really difficult for the majority of you pre-programmed Consumerists encouraged to let T.P.T.B. discuss Deterrent, Contingencies and Strengthening the Borders of our global Empire regions. We all forget the one thing we're never allowed to discuss out in the public arena, out in the open.


We 'share' this world with all sorts of other living sentient entities, "This planet is not OUR TOILET," you bland corporate game-playing fuckers. It's time for all of humanity to realise that you gotta respect where you live. You gotta start talking about making a Free Planet come to fruition, every person on this homeworld should be concerned about this. You gotta love all life, step back from the artificial amoral ruleset of your job, your career, your win win win ambition in the name of profit and start to use that same enthusiasm to re-ignite the balance of nature.


Every single crime on this insane planet happens because of PROFIT.


Nemesis said...

Now I get it...FREE PLANET. It incorporates freedom and non-profit (a little dense I am). Great name for your blog. I come from, or lived on a world prior to this world where all things were available without cost. I know that sounds strange, but hey, stranger things there are beyond mind, here. This world will eventually be THAT. But it won't be that until there's a change of heart, and that won't occur for a while, enmass. But it's a comin'. In the mean time, there are lessons to learn, which (without) we would not gain the understanding, knowledge and wisdom the current world provides. Good show. Nemesis/ttbraun: blog: http://ttbraun.blogspot.com (great post on rumormillnews). tom

muzuzuzus said...

Your article is very important and you go right to the rotten heart of what is going on---the love of PROFIT. it is how corporates have got the right to call themselves 'persons' so they then can carry on destroying ecosystems, and people and other species, and onward planet Earth in the name of this civilization's god, profit. Your article inspired me to do a Google search where I found about about this film I previously hadn't know about and want to link people to it who read this:

http://www.earthisland.org/journal/index.php/elist/eListRead/powerful_new_documentary_links_ecocide_to_capitalisms_crisis/ "“Unlimited economic progress in a world of finite resources doesn’t make sense… it’s bound to collapse,” asserts primatologist Jane Goodall, one of the interview subjects in Surviving Progress, executive produced by Martin Scorsese. “…There are these strong vested interests: ‘we must have business as usual’… the arms manufacturers, petroleum industry, pharmaceutical industries.” The conservationist who became world famous for observing chimps also asks: “How come… this so intellectual being is destroying its only home?”

To answer Goodall’s question, this documentary takes the gloves off, anchoring environmental crises in what the Occupy movement sees as the struggle of the 99 percent against the 1 percent. Like 2003’s The Corporation — which Progress’ co-director/co-writer Harold Crooks’ also co-authored — this documentary is a hard-hitting critique of capitalism, tying eco-catastrophes to an insatiable, profit-driven economic system.

Surviving Progress is based on Ronald Wright’s bestselling book A Short History of Progress. Onscreen the author declares: “Progress has become a sort of faith… like the market fundamentalism that has just crashed and burned.” Following a news clip of ex-President George W. Bush ballyhooing the economy, saying he’s “an optimist,” Wright likens the capitalist creed to “religious delusions that caused societies to crash and burn.”

Economist Michael Hudson traces the history of debt and the “concentration of wealth in the hands of those at the top of the pyramid,” explaining how this oligarchic process led the downfall of empires, from ancient Rome until today. As an image of deforestation appears onscreen, Hudson proclaims: “They’re cutting down the rain forest… turning it into a hole in the ground to repay the bankers. That’s their business plan… That’s the global financial system … You can relate the destruction of the rain forest in Brazil to the Wall Street and London financial sectors.”

muzuzuzus said...

part 2--By the way, I am not saying I agree with the film. I aont even seen it. I quoted that bit but when I read rest I found this dreadful bit "So how does our worldwide civilization escape what Wright calls its present “progress trap”? Synthetic biologist Craig Venter, who partners with Exxon Mobile, offers bioengineering, rewriting genetic codes and redesigning DNA as solutions — but, as Mary Shelley warned in 1818, this didn’t work out too well for hubristic mad scientist Victor Frankenstein." PARTNERS with Exxon Mobile...??? Those fukers are in the terrible documentary I have seen, and is about Exxon Mobile invading this part of the rain forests these Indigenous people have lived for many hundreds of years and have completely polluted air, waters, and land with their drilling for oil. In the documentary one of the things--it cant be human--executives actually says, that the people they have invaded are "non-people"!!!

muzuzuzus said...

part 3, alirght i have seen they have some of it at Youtube, here it is: I aint seen it yet:
Surviving Progress (1 of 4) (missing the first 30 mins, but still worth a watch)