Friday, July 13, 2012

Reader audit - what is it you're reading - who are you?

the topic of this post is YOU THE READER of this Free Planet blog.

I've never really done an AUDIT of the Free Planet readership before and it's thrown up some very surprising results.

1) United States, 2) United Kingdom, 3) Canada, 4) Australia, 5) Germany, 6) Russia...

1) Whistleblowers, 2) Fukushima tsunami/power plant 3) UFOs, 4) Prometheus, 5) Big Pharma, 6) Russell Brand's ELITIST ATTACK...

At no point do any of the several hundred specifically-Free Planet topics rank anywhere near the top 30. It's clear that a) the Earth (this planet we're all brought up on) can SUPPORT LIFE and b) mankind is STUCK in some sort of for-profit game that shits on all that is beautiful, bountiful, and good. All Diversitiy is slaughtered in the name of greed. All empathy for man's fellow man and fellow beast is kicked into touch (rugby term) because the RULES OF THE GAME override basic human goodness.

I still believe we could self-rule: I still believe each person REALLY knows the difference between right and wrong. And this may be the only point of living; that we REALISE that our lives are pointless; all the warring, the competition, the worship UNLESS we regain our basic human empathy for all who share this planet with us.

"So, Free Planet follower/reader, what is it you want?" it's clearly not a Free Planet - it seems to be more of a Conspiracy/Lunacy bewilderment planet you're after. A trivial diversion to take your mind off your real existence as a slave to work. Something that'll leave the corporate-war status-quo intact and not tax your slave intellect too much.

Am I right?

If so, I should close this blog down for a while and have a really long head-scratch about where such an informational ideology described as Free Planet might journey in the future.

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dognamedblue said...

I always preferred the paintings blogs & the "oi you prick wake up" approach to get people thinking, but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do

be interesting to see what you can find about the recent keshe foundations "supposed" release for a free planet - maybe you did but I didn't see it, been on twitter for a change, ok taken me 4 years since I opened an account but that's not bad going for my time scale