Saturday, July 07, 2012

Russell Brand rails against the Capitalist Elites at the MTV Awards 2012

I'd missed it: the MTV Awards 2012 took place in June and nobody told me about this year's host Russell Brand, naughty ikkle wikkle boyman that he is, who went on a MASSIVE anti-Illuminati anti-capitalist anti-New World Order RANT at the MTV Awards.

It was just on terrestrial TV, here in UK.

"Democracy is pointless spectacle where we choose between two indistinguishable parties..."  Brand begins, taking it upon himself to inform the mind-controlled millions of impressionable worldwide yoofees how Twilight was about "powerful vampires suck the life blood out of people weaker than them" and how Hunger Games was about "the misery and suffering of poor people being used to entertain the elites" about the cynical lie of capitalism and commercialism and consumerism...

Here's the VIDEO - thanks to wanny1 on GLP - the anti-corporate anti-elite anti-NWO material starts at round about the five minute mark, if you wanna scroll right to it.

2013 UPDATE:  oh, and you'll like this - Russell Brand then invites David Icke onto his Brand X show and apparently it's one of the best interviews Icke's ever done (according to Icke himself). Make your own mind up. Oh, and Liam Gallagher's an Icke nut, too.



rreeve said...

I do like Russell Brand but MTV is actually part of the whole problem as well. Not only do they dumb their viewers down with immature and stupid content, they also reduce peoples levels of empathy for another suffering human being by promoting violence and immoral behavior. They also destroy peoples self-esteem by encouraging the celebrity culture that makes everyone feel inadequate and inferior. MTV is owned and managed by the illuminati elite and you will see occult symbolism in nearly everything they're involved in.

So, while I agree with everything Russell Brand said, sadly it was all said in jest in such a way that minimalises and trivializes something of vast importance that should be on the forefront of EVERYBODY's mind. An award celebration that's patting all these celebrities on the back should be the very last thing on people's mind today. If we allow this sort of thing to continue, we will end up with a world where most people know about the illuminati but they just let them get on with it, so long as their TV entertainment isn't effected. That's not a nice thought at all.

Collin MacLeod said...

Russel Brand has begun a campaign to expose the illuminati and the truth behind the curtain that, through effort of people like him, will prove to educate the masses in order to enlighten the still yet awake masses.

Unknown said...

Here's another video link just in case. We need to have more of this on mainstream TV. Keep it circulating!

muo rajah said...


i think youve misjudged russells tone. He rammed home his point multiple times - and he's using his fame and platform to now try and get the message across - as its the only way to. He's literally the only celebrity whose outspoken about these issues.

i wouldn't say it was said in jest - as he truely believes what he's saying - if you've followed his career, he's always had these views, and in the early days of his radio show in the UK, he'd often say that he needed to build up his reputation and fame, as a platform to then launch what he called 'the revolution'. This is now starting to happen.
It could have been taken in jest, given that it was the opening monologue for an awards show, and it was interspersed with clear jokes, however if you're familiar with russells prior works, you'll know that he personally would not have been saying them in jest.

he's well aware of the irony that hes on MTV saying these things - its all being used as a platform to voice his true opinions - hence now his new show Brand X, which is essentially a pedestal for him to spout his (correct) idealogical views, rather than a comedy show.

rreeve said...

@muo rajah
Yes, I guess you make fair points. I'm pretty sure there will be plenty people out there that will still look into some of the things he said to find out more and that a great thing.
As I said, I do like Russel Brand which is unusual for me because there is only a few celeb's I have any time for. My opinion of him was greatly improved when I saw him giving evidence about addiction for the UK Parliament select committee. He spoke truth and clarity and made all the politicans look like idiots. He made me laugh when he was asked to keep his answers short because there isn't much time and his answer was, "Time is infinite"

But overall, I guess I would do the same in his shoes.