Monday, July 02, 2012

Your financial world is CORRUPT TO THE CORE.

some have sneered, "Mike, your contention that PROFIT is the basis for 'most, if not all' crime on this planet is a load of rubbish."

Well, let's look at the evidence of how Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.
  • Parliament: Expenses scandals, Cosy relationships, Special Advisor cock-ups.
  • Banking: Barclays resignations, PPI, RBS sackings over libor.
  • Media: Murdoch's News Corp split up, News of the World closed due to hacking scandal.
  • Police: unwilling to bring any of the above to justice.
  • Religion: just richer than it should be, like God cares how BIG a cathedral/mosque is.
  • Sport: even games are fixed for money, ffs, Tournaments bought.

Corporations are not contained by the LAWS OF THE LAND because the term 'country' and 'person' is usurped by the policies driving global financial domination and the Non Disclosure Agreement slave labour drones sign when they opt to become employees of such. These corporate entities are GLOBAL, not local, not beholding to the land. These 'technical off-shores' where we 'earn our crust' are just SLAVE LABOUR CAMPS bidding for minimum wage by destroying economies before moving in to reap the bottom-line rewards.

All the costs of off-shore corruption are written-off against tax by willing professional defrauders.

I mean, need I go on?

Promoting a FREE PLANET, and yes the entire world will have to be a part of this DO RIGHT BY mentality, is the only way mankind can move forward. Don't give anyone power, share responsibility; protect the Earth from the amoral ravages of the PROFIT game. Learn how to USE YOUR BRAIN again, kick start your evolution as an intelligent, technologically proficient species. I realise this won't be easy, but we have to TRY TO MAKE IT A REALITY.

Local solutions for the global survival of Free Planet.

MEANINGLESS TRIVIA MOMENT: some twenty UK banks are being investigated.

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