Friday, August 10, 2012

brand new Free Planet video - seeing the obvious - do right by

Please share this vital EMERGENCY information with all your friends, relatives, colleagues, anyone and everyone; whether you're in China, India, Africa, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Australia, Ukraine, USA, Russia, Europe, the Pacific Islands, the Arctic or the Antarctic: share it with all seven billion people of Free Planet.

you might need to turn your volume up, this was done ON PURPOSE to help you to concentrate, listen; see:

Actually, the total lack of global discussion of this world-changing topic is bothering me QUITE A LOT. Does it all seem 'too easy' or something? Are you waiting for 'a catch'?

Are you'all actually AFRAID of a Free Planet?

if you enjoyed that, and want to know more, you might want to check out the other Free Planet videos, thus far.  DO RIGHT BY FREE PLANET


Thomas Braun said...

The planet wasn't designed by people, and neither were we the people, nor the universe. It was here when we got here. People assume (have been taught) that there are things right and wrong on the planet. That's certainly ONE perspective, and it works for the vast majority.

However, there is another way to look at reality. We (conscious beings) cannot expand our consciousness nor our knowledge without opposites, without dark and light, etc., thus the planet serves our growth perfectly.

We are each different, and not one of us can be who we are not, thus we each do what we do according to the stimuli that move us. Some destroy, some repair, some build.

Earth is a perfect school for conscious beings increasing their knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

What you are doing is PERFECT for you. What I am doing is perfect for me. And what everyone else is doing is perfect for them. And in the process we expand our consciousness.

That's how I see things today. Joy, peace and happiness to you. tom/nemesis

Mike Philbin said...

thanks Tom