Friday, August 03, 2012

Dr Steven Greer - the whole galactic community - concerned about our aggression

"Humanity is viewed with both hope, and promise - and some trepidation," Dr Steven Greer (of the Orion Project)is talking about how our planet is viewed FROM SPACE.

"Mankind had become a clear and present danger," says Greer, talking about our 'evolution' and 'transformation'.

I don't necessarily think there's ANY SPACE BEINGS (watching us), I personally think they're ALL (we're all) inter-dimensional. We're all energy, all of us are the same VIBRATION. That, considering the enormity of space, makes more sense.

I do believe that OUR FIRST ATOMIC test didn't just send up a RED FLAG to our galactic neighbours, I believe it might have INJURED many trans-dimensional races and BLACK LISTED US within our universal community.

I think we're A MARKED RACE.

DID YOU SEE IT? did the conspiratorially-theoretical eagle-eyed among you, of course you spotted the pyramid of the A in 'contact' in the logo for the 'countdown for transformation' but did you, spot the CAPPED PYRAMID logo on Greer's t-shirt?

Made me laugh ... then shudder. Then laught again.


dognamedblue said...

is it just me or does greer give off the vibe of "super soldier"?

Mike Philbin said...

he's 55 years old, and (yes) has EXACTLY the same build as Duncan O'Finian.

Who knows what's going on?


Clean said...

he's got a point - the Republicans in the United States Congress are doing everything they can to induce fear, paranoia, violence, agression, hatred, racism, bigotry and even ignorance on the American people. Too bad for them we are more focused on rebuilding our country and putting it back on the right track - free from tyranny and the cabal and putting Americans back to work (in America)