Monday, August 06, 2012

Free Planet - it was always there - see it, feel it, touch it, taste it.

panorama courtesy of Chris Kotsiopoulos

I was looking for a single image to exemplify my NEW DISCOVERY and this one from Greek photographer Chris Kotsiopoulos seems to fit the bill.

What's your new discovery, Mike?

"A brand new world, a Free Planet."

It was right there, ALL AROUND US, all the time. From the feel of grass between our toes to the sight of a starry sky spiralling above our heads. And everything in between...

They say 'we are all stardust' but this denegrates the reality. We are stardust, is the negative appraisal; it says 'we are dead', we have already 'passed away'.

WE ARE ALL STARLIGHT is a very different analysis of the same data. We may not all be glowing with nuclear potential, but our atoms (or what we believe to be such) are created in the hot cauldron of Star Formation. The remnant of that UNKNOWN star-formation process is with us to this very day. We're still vibrating with the energy of our Creation.

It was OUR TIME for a star to form in our region of space.
It was OUR TIME for a planet to form in our region of space.
It was OUR TIME for a vast Diversity to form in our region of space.

We are all the same thing, potentials made real - we're all born in the womb of the sun and all suns are born in the womb of the galaxy and all galaxies are formed in the ...  you get the idea, right?

Or do you?

Are you still searching for something EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL or SUPER-NATURAL or SPIRITUAL or FINANCIAL to fill your life? It's already all there within and without, you don't need anything else. You just have to see it, feel it, touch it, taste it. Be a part of something that's forever been greater than its constituent parts, not some Profit-chasing Game.

The REAL GAME is right here under your feet, THE PLANET UPON WHICH YOU LIVE. That's it. That's all you need. All of you. All life. Be a Custodian race, for the sake of all life. Protect that upon which you exist and your life will have all the meaning and beauty and passion and creativity and kinship it'll ever need.

FREE PLANET can't be created; it has always been there, waiting to be discovered.

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