Tuesday, August 21, 2012

are we witnessing a new Maoist 'Cultural Revolution'?

and I'm not talking about China; China's already undergone its own Mao-fuelled CULTURAL REVOLUTION.

I'm talking about the West, that's you and me, US.

Are we being PUSHED in the direction of some pseudo-Maoist CLEANSING of the old guard, the politicians, the movie stars, the middle managers? "But that's not happening, Mike, what are you talking about?" Well, in essence, I'm talking about the lionisation of such 'claims to fame & wealth'. There are many alternative media shows (whatever their role in the global agenda) who're calling for hangings and shootings of 'the elite' in the name of rebalance, redistribution of wealth, reorganisation of the Corporate Proletariat.

Remember, to be able to 'return the wealth' to The People, you have to BREAK THEM; you have to subject them to years, decades, of oppression - you have to take EVERYTHING, they've taken for granted for generations of family tree, from them. You need them stripped and ready to do your bidding. Isn't this what's going on in the West right now, so that PRODUCTIVITY can be improved and GDP reborn?

Red Guards (groups of youths who banded themselves together) encouraged all the youth in China to criticise those who Mao deemed untrustworthy with regards to the direction he wanted China to take. No-one was safe from criticism: writers, economists and anyone associated with the man Mao considered his main rival – Liu Shao-chi. Anyone who was deemed to have developed a superior attitude was considered an enemy of the party and people. [source THE CULTURAL REVOLUTION]

The Party and People, really? Is that where we are, right now? The voting 'many' syphoned off into some useful 'mob' mentality for Private Gain by the Conglomerate PERSONALITY? Are the internet 'many' (the new Red Guard) being coerced into calling for the death and destruction of T.H.E.Y. i.e. The Hierarchy Enslaving You?

Different things amuse different people at different times, and cramming everyone into the WORKER pigeonhole just doesn't work. Some people might consider themselves 'workers' for a cause at some part of their lives and 'no longer workers' at an earlier or later part of their lives. Diversity is the key here. We are NOT a workforce to be used against those who've used or abused the broken PROFIT-driven global financial system that's ruining Free Planet -  a Free Planet that's always been here, all around us, begging for PROTECTION - we are all individuals with our own roles to play in 'how the world works'.

However, the enthusiasm of the Red Guards nearly pushed China into social turmoil. Schools and colleges were closed and the economy started to suffer. Groups of Red Guards fought Red Guards as each separate unit believed that it knew best how China should proceed. In some areas the activities of the Red Guard got out of hand. They turned their anger on foreigners and foreign embassies got attacked. The British Embassy was burned down completely. [source THE CULTURAL REVOLUTION]

Here in West, we're dilligently taught that 'productivity is king' but this is insane - Economic Growth equates with increase in the growth of populations which is a drain on global resources, by definition - productivity and population are directly linked via Insurance Policies taken out against Loss or Loans taken out against Future Productivity via Promised Earnings/Returns.

It's all just an insane game, DON'T BE A PAWN for the game players - chaaange it.

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