Thursday, August 16, 2012

OMNICORP is creating a better tomorrow - One World Government viral R US

"Look, Mike, they're remaking an 80's film called ROBOCOP don't get your knickers in a twist," that's my knee-jerk reaction to this reboot, but I love the copywriting on the Official Reboot website.

is creating a better tomorrow.

In the 1980's the original ROBOCOP by Paul Verhoeven was a joke, "There'd never be a Fully Privatised police force, surely," and now it's happened. Imagine if international weapons companies (who usually make tanks and missiles to strip enemies of assets) focussed all their considerable resources and creative know-how on 'methods of civilian crowd control' would that tell you anything, yet?

Tacit agreement reinforced by clever Propaganda in the name of 'Problem, Reaction, Solution' means you 'had to' accept the National ID, taxes, prison ciites and all that crap - YOU WERE PLAYED.

Like everyone else who doesn't realise they're slaves to the Corporate War Machine.

Simple fact, Earth is a Fascist PROFIT state.

BETTER TOMORROW SPOILER ALERT: And while we're on the subject of A Better Tomorrow via Corporate Take-over of Governments in the name of PROFIT, watch this 'spoiler filled review' of the new Total Recall film from 'that man in Texas' Alex Jones:

So, what's with this plethora of 80's remakes like DREDD, DEATH RACE, TOTAL RECALL, ROBOCOP; and all of them stripped of their original motivation and cruelly updated to cover contemporary concerns of wage slavery?

FREE PLANET HEALTH WARNING: worrying excessively about this shit GIVES YOU CANCER.

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