Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Spiritualism, aliens, otherworldly realms make me very angry.

I'm just getting angry all the time now; I feel CUT OFF from whatever everyone else is experiencing. Even though I'm convinced THEY'RE the deluded ones with their contacts hither and yon and their visions of angels and demons alike.

I know this is daft, I mean why would you even wanna read this, right? But it's like I've been BANISHED from interaction with the Spritual World or whatever the dimensions, spirit, soul, channeling, mediumship, psychic powers, ghosts, poltergeists, aliens, chakras, past lives are. I've never had direct contact with such an 'ethereal realm'.

In fact, it feels like I'm being deliberately blocked from having ANY DIRECT ((conscious)) CONTACT with this realm. And, yes, I understand the statement, "Practise makes perfect."

For me (and I know this) God is just a bad joke foisted upon sheople who deserve to be ruled.
For me (and I know this) Soul is something you listen to on phonograms at 33rpm or 45 rpm.
For me (and I know this) Spirit Guides just don't have the map to my conscious psyche, if they're helping me right now, I can't sense it, never have, there's just an emptiness where 'my spirituality' is supposed to be.

The 'and I know this' bit is VERY IMPORTANT, I'm one of these 'atheist types' who's even more fundamentalist as the most fundamental religious nut. I know there's gonna be THOUSANDS, literally thousands, of You The People out there screaming at me in all the multi-dimensional ways they can muster, "Mike, you have to open your heart to the reality of spirit!"

Or some such. You can shout all you like. It won't help me.

Believe me, I've tried, to believe, to activate, to use the skills that we're all supposed to possess; tried to be like all of you with your messages from beyond and your astro-physical contacts galore. But, there's nothing there, for me. And I'm not just saying this to feel superior. I'm most angry about my inability to see this 'other reality'. I'm angry like a paraplegic might be really angry about the loss or his/her legs or arms or the use of his spine. For me it's bricks and mortar and three score years and ten. Just awaiting my inevitable death some time in the next thirty forty years.

Why this should make me angry, I have no idea. But it seems like just a pointless waste of talent, you know IF WE ALL HAVE IT. Admittedly, I have my wonderfully vivid and wacky dreams which I've documented many times and have allowed to structure the narratives of almost any book I've ever worked on. But that's not a conscious decision on my part, it's about getting a daft image prior to waking and using it like I used to use a random squiggle to create an image when I was a kid passing time drawing with my mum at home. That's not a so-called 'spiritual life', imho.

Why make us not believe or doubt or not know the mechanism of activation? I mean, why hide this shit from us, FOR FUCK'S SAKE?

Why would anyone design a (extra-dimensional) communication system that is so closed off from the many?

SUMMARY: some would say I'm being PSYCHICALLY BLOCKED, but of course I don't believe that crap.


CJ said...

I'm right there with ya. I have been reading these "communications" for a very long time now and I, like you, question why if these messages are for the world do they only come through a very select few.

I would love for one of these higher beings to tell us why their messages only come through a very select few. It feels like most of the organized religions of the world where a few claim to be the voice of their God. If these messages are for the world then lets see them start coming to the masses rather than a select few.

Thanks for posting this because I have been feeling this way for a very long time now.

Mike Philbin said...

thanks for sharing, CJ

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Me thinks most of this 'channelled' information is nothing but garbage. If it says something like Galactic Federation or whatever, I will NOT read it. No Spook, no Casper, no Fulford, Sorcha, nothing. I've read some a long time ago, and it's like; if they say it, it's sure not to happen. Maybe you can't feel it because it's not there.

CJ said...

I think you're right Button pusher. Not long ago Steve Beckow advertised publicly that he was going to be picked up by a spaceship and given a tour of the universe. He posted a date that it was going to happen and that day came and went and he was still here on good ole Mother Earth. He had to eat crow for sure that day, but he still posts the same garbage day in and day out.

I think it is just a new form of religion where you have a select few spewing their Galactic trash trying to get new followers.

Anyway, I stopped reading it too because if something is real then include the whole world and if it is fiction, then a select few will continue to tell anyone who will believe them what they want them to believe.

Erich Kuersten said...

Mike, as Big Red told me when I spoke at the Fireside AA meeting uptown, "you sound like a drunk to me." In other words, if you weren't spiritual then the emptiness of being unspiritual wouldn't bother you. We create our own reality and by saying this stuff you almost ensure it is true... why not, if you'll forgive the suggestion, try meditation in conjunction with a brain hemisphere-syncing light-sound machine, some Tibetan bowl drone music and some very strong salvia divinorum? It worked for me, twice! Once you get past the demons at the gate, it's all just egoless splendor, and it's all right there, in that third eye you're presuming is closed

Cameron Day said...

The suppression on this planet is so thick, so unbelievable intense that most people are in the same situation as you, Mike. At least you can remember your dreams! Most people don't even have that much.

You're right that it is a waste of potential talent, but the dark side likes for people to feel frustrated and unfulfilled.

Now, I must say that I purposely do NOT do telepathic communication with other beings, although I do send them messages...sort of reports from the front line.

Sometimes urgent info comes to me, but most of the time I rely on my Higher Self to give me the information that I need.

The people who channel are mostly receiving deceptive information from unfriendly beings in 4th density...so it's not like you're missing out on much there.

Also, many people who have awakened spiritual vision get overwhelmed by the amount of dark energies being generated by the ankle-biters. This is a tough sphere to live in.

Bottom line, meditate without trying to make something happen. Get grounded, then connect to your Spirit / Higher Self and just relax. Turn your thinking-mind and ego off for a while, relax and expand into the bigger portions of your own self.

That will take you a long way once you get used to turning off the mind chatter and simply being still.


mroxygen said...

Why? Because this world and all time worlds were created by aliens to make us suffer so they can exist on our energy.