Tuesday, August 21, 2012

the 1950's town of FANTARTA

of course I've never heard of this legendary place, it doesn't exist - and an internet search turns up a big fat zero results.


But DREAMS (whatever this nighttime communication system is) ARE STRANGE, and I remember it was something about shifting some valuable asset through some 'route' and I'm thinking STARGATE or some other form of PORTAL in the 1950's. Of course there was no special effects 'magic' for the trans-dimensional transition, it was merely a case of WALKING the material from their time to ours; like pushing a wheel barrow from grass to gravel...

The dream ended with commentary about the asset as being passed through in the 1950's "through the (mining?) town of FANTARTA". Could it be some (shrugs) 'invented project name' for something that actually happened or just the (more likely) dreamy ramblings of an 'over-tired mind'?

What does it mean, to you, the name of this fictional TOWN? I'm hoping who(what)ever sent me the insistent (get up and write it down) dream message, at about 6:30 a.m. GMT will let me know. Message received but not understood.

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