Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wired magazine - pretty much EVERYONE is fat

now, I see so many annoying fucking things in this insane corporate world, but the one that pisses me off the most is THOSE WHO HAVE and THOSE WHO HAVE NOT; those who will eat tonight and those who won't eat this week.

We should all be SHARING the resources of this clever world, this fruitful bounty, all of us, all of humanity and ALL OF LIFE, both flora and fauna.

Wired magazine has just done an article charting the percentage of people (of, say, height 5 feet four inches) carrying MORE THAN THIRTY POUNDS OF EXCESS BODY FAT. I've added the percentage chart and three example images to show the thirty year spread of this survey.


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pchi said...

High fructose corn syrup and the hybridized form of dwarf wheat that's everywhere...(google wheat belly) too much inaction...cause our fattness...and add to our general malnutrition.

Sharing this food or behavior would not be beneficial to others.
"We the people" need to smarten up as well as gain in compassion.

grandma p