Thursday, September 06, 2012

1908 NBC report on contrail'd skies - Gov wants more 'hub'

CONTRAILED SKIES, that's what I'm calling this blogpost in honour of the Oxford sky situation this morning that was PRIMARILY congested-to-fuck with these persistent contrails some have called CHEMTRAILS. They started round about 6 a.m. and got worse until the WHOLE SKY over Oxford was WHITE. Overcast. Sun-blocking.

This NBC news report on how contrails create cloud cover, which has an effect on the weather, aired on 12/30/1980

Government and FAA already know that these skylong contrails reduce the direct sunlight this planet gets, promoting cloud cover, resulting in you and I producing less vitamin D) in our blood. Why would these agencies be looking to INCREASE the hub potential of this tin island i.e. MORE RUNWAYS FOR MORE SKY POLLUTING JETS if not to make us MORE ILL and further increase market share for the absolutely massive Big Pharma industry?

I suspect this so-called (carbon taxed) GLOBAL WARMING (scam) will end up being SOLELY based on our totally inefficient and unhealthy generation and use of Electricity, it's the only real big thing we've been doing since the turn of the last century.

TECHNOLOGY (such as the monitor you're reading this cancer off) could be the death of humanity, literally.

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Hy Libertatia said...

You have to ask, who benefits?

The analysis, by atmospheric scientists at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, also shows that in the Arctic, aircraft vapour trails produced 15–20% of warming.

Missing in all recent discussions of climate change and global warming are the impacts of aviation induced water vapor (a highly potent greenhouse gas), into the atmosphere through jet engine combustion. New NASA and university studies, some of which are presented below, show that aviation has a huge warming impact on all parts of the Earth most prominently having a negative impact in the Alaska and Arctic areas by artificially warming these areas.

This has led to many countries staking out claims to these warming areas in Alaska and the Arctic. Oil and gas companies are applying for permits to drill in these areas (the U.S. has already given Shell Oil permits to drill and in 2012, have approved questionable oil spill mitigation measures). Many countries are competing with each other for the monetary prize, military advantage, and other benefits from the warming of these areas.