Wednesday, September 05, 2012

7/7 Seeds of Deconstruction - a corporate history lesson of economic espionage

you might think TWO AND A HALF HOURS is a long time for an Independent Documentary to rattle on about the 7th July 2005 London Bombings, and you'd be right. 7/7 is an open and shut case (just like the deaths of John Charles de Menezes, Dr David Kelly, Gareth Williams, among others); it was open'd, and now it's been shut. End of...

Cynical film series like the JAMES BOND franchise have romanticised (or totally propagandised) the Intelligence Services' supposed good vs evil mantra, when clearly most Covert Operations are done in the calculated cold blood of Corporate Profit for Wealthy Owners of Corporations that are part of the Global Conglomerate leading towards a more efficient Gulag Planet of Total Financial Slavery.

What "SEEDS OF DECONSTRUCTION by Tom Secker" succeeds in doing is loading the evidence for the defense (i.e. that 7/7 was some sort of profit-based Military Industrial Complex inside job), illustrating how MI6, CIA, NATO, the Nazis, the East India Company, in fact all Empires, have a detailed History of False Flag or Terrorist attacks against You The People to retain not only Power but also increase Market Share, Penetration and Saturation of the Consumer's Tiny Mind.

Forget any ideological excuse, it's all a big money game to these bastards.

If the_military or black_ops or covert_terror is used in this way to appease their BANKSTER LANDLORDS isn't this, without doubt, a breach of their defensive covenent as an elected government?

You need to BREAK A HORSE to have it accept a RIDER ON ITS BACK.

FURTHER THOUGHTS: this complicated 7/7 story has the Hallmarks of THE FOG OF WAR all through the following days' conflicting reports. The suggestion that more trains and more buses were involved, and disarming of other bombs, points (potentially) towards a CLEAN UP of those sites whose bombs DIDN'T GO OFF, right?

It's theoretical that Peter Power (Visor Consultants) COULD HAVE BEEN set up to be running a similar exercise on the morning of the bombing. He was part of the year-ealier BBC Exercise of False Terror. His company was COMMISSIONED after all by Reed Elsevier to do this job at 9 am on 7/7.

Come on, just give us the truth.

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