Thursday, September 06, 2012

803 years of global inflation - why you're still a slave.

Chart Of The Day: 803 Years Of Global Inflation

Spot the point in this 803 year timeline of world inflation, when the Fed was created.

The chart above comes courtesy of Jim Reid's fantastic "Journey into the Unknown" which we will dissect in much more detail shortly. For now we wanted to bring our readers attention to what is arguably the most important aspect of modern monetary times: the advent of persistent inflation, and the disappearance of deflation. [source ZERO HEDGE]

Prior to the twentieth century years of deflation were almost as common as years of inflation.

FORGET THAT NOW, they own you, you're their bitch.

DECEMBER 2012 SUPPLEMENTAL: So long as you don't want an education, and you use a bicycle for that day to day commute to work and home again, and are in perfect health (with no med insurance) inflation is under control. It's just whose control is it under.

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