Friday, September 07, 2012

Battleships film review - Peter Berg director - 9/11 tenth anniversary

this gormlessly macho testosterone fuelled madness lost LOADSAMONEY for its film studio, was ripped to shreds by the reviewers, was uber-patriotic to the point of Corporate War Ludicrosity and I f-uc'kn loved it.

Yeah, shameless, I know. But it's a great little film, based on a dead simple premise. WIN THE GAME or die.

The film's director Peter Berg even had the gall to show how the World Trade Center Building One or Two 'should have' toppled over, top heavily - when the bits of alien spaceship hit Hong Kong and spliced through the top of that skyscraper - you know, toppled over, top heavily, falling down onto the streets of Manhattan, rather than top-down exploding itself to smithereens in ten seconds flat. In fact, when you think of what happened on that day, September 11th 2001, wasn't the one thing the 'enemy' got right was to infiltrate communications relating to the Global Guardian WAR GAME such that redteam/blueteam air traffic controllers were asking the same question, "Is this part of the drill?" And weren't there also THREE PLANES like there were three enemy spaceships? And wasn't the ONI or Office of NAVY INTELLIGENCE the target at the Pentagon? You know, while you're launching GRANIT missiles from off the east coast?

Ah, we all love a good game of global RISK, right? for money? for PROFIT?

But the HUMOUR of the film was the one shining watermark, it KNEW it was a stupid film, it understood the audience of these sorts of products, and it did it with HONOUR and PRIDE in a job well done. It didn't take itself too seriously, in fact it was as hard on itself as the bravado-bantering troops. This was a proper clever film about, '"How we really do need a massive Global Army, Navy and Airforce paid for by the blood, sweat and tears of seven billions slave workers living in slave cities that are crumbling around their slave ears) just in case the aliens aren't totally kumbaya kissy huggy hippy weed smoking aliens."

I was fished in so competently, the entertainment hook embedded so deeply, I almost forgot (almost forgot) the gratuitous irony of Hollywood's cynical Military Industrial collusive mind control Complex.

According to wikipedia, "the film was originally planned to be released in 2011," gosh, would that have made it September 2011, i.e. a TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY event?

Cynical, maybe - horrific all the same.

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