Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dreams - Parallel Annex Universe Prison Planet

as all of you know, I'm not a necessarily religious person. In fact, I'm a staunchly anti-organised religion person because the historical evidence shows that it's 'been ruined by too many good intentions', it throws a vicious net of compliance across the Creativity, Passion and Kinship ethos of the whole FREE PLANET ideal this blog promotes.

But, after a dozen nights of 'no worthwhile content', I finally had The Dream. The one that really tells me what this place is. The one that tells me why we're all here. And it's not pretty (or expected); ready?

This is our Prison Planet.

Alex Jones of Infowars was right, in a way, but wrong about who the Real Masters are. In the Alex Jones them vs us version of 'prison planet', a shadowy cabal of corporate criminals organises who owns what and doles out pittance to the slave majority, Law of the Jungle style. Alex believes that he can liberate all of us by having us go up against the ruthless might of the Military Industrial Complex with our twigs and phlegm. Alex Jones has us winning and fulfilling The American Dream of prosperity for all, and growth of the human ideal.

Not only is he wrong, but no revolution will ever give mankind what he really needs: FREEDOM.

It's like the F-word of the universe, FREEDOM, and I think it's why we're here. Why we'll always be here. But where is 'here' and what are we doing with our alloted time?

"I don't even think we're human," yeah, you heard me. I suspect all living things, with a brain and the ability to dream are THREE LIFEFORMS, and I have expressed this before. Two lifeforms control each hemisphere, each side of our brain. One lifeform sits in the middle, negotiating spacetime between the two. No, not spacetime, realisation. Some times, a whistleblowing crime is committed by our third hand and we get a new one.

This might happen EVERY NIGHT...

...our dreams are certainly not our property, not our re-ordering of the day's data. Our dreams are something we do. It's our skill, for someone else(!) It's probably part of our penance, if I was to use Catholic terminology at you, our punishement. Our ability to dream like this, in infinite detail, is our greatest strength and our most dangerous asset. Our weapon, if you like. It's a trait of all living creatures with a brain and the ability to dream. As those who put us here on this Land Of Insects in our billions know all too well.

This is the reason all life exists on Parallel Annex Universe Prison Planet in a sequestered off section of Big Picture; this is why we CAN'T SEE, why we CAN'T KNOW. Maybe even the basic traits that reflect our nascent Humanity; our social needs, our unique perspectives, our invention. All these things that comprise our so-called Free Spirit are exactly those attributes that got us where we are today, through history; worshipping false gods, protecting our name and wondering where our legacy lies.

Our legacy does not lie in space, communing with alien races and corporately funding our viral spread throughout that gaping blackness. Have Voyager one and two actually broken through the extremity of the Solar Disc yet? Will there be anything beyond our solar system but wraparounds and complexity? And it won't even matter, WE'RE NOT EVEN HERE.

We're not even part of the universe.

We, the captive population of Parallel Annex Universe Prison Planet, are in the safest place for our Creative Kind. Elsewhere - safe from the harm we can do to the universe.


rekroW_thgiL said...

Nice work. Typo at the last sentence.

Mike Philbin said...

Duplicate 'the the' removed, good catch.