Sunday, September 02, 2012

Free Planet - kidnap mankind - banish him from the Earth?

it seems like a harsh thing to consider for discussion, but it needs discussing IF WE ARE TO TRULY UNDERSTAND OUR POPULATIONAL IMPACT ON FREE PLANET.


We ruined this once-gorgeous planet by building our roads and our factories and our cities and our sewage works and we think we did a good thing for mankind, we tamed him then sent him to fight in wars for profit.

But what good did Corporate War Living do for makind?

There are now close to SEVEN BILLION humans infesting this planet, yeah, like a dirty aka opportunistic virus: a greedy, voracious, insane virus with a potentially infinite belly size. Some slavering mega-beast intent on devouring all the goodness the Earth can supply all of life with.

Oh, don't think I 'hate' mankind, or what he has become.

I (merely) pity mankind's tacit compliance to invented dogmas and false realities: this included both Deities and Economies. I feel literally ashamed to be associated with such short-sighted small-minded bigots and jobsworths. I can't hate you all, it's too much effort. But I do wonder if the best possible response to 'what humanity became' (that pathetic PRISON FOOD PROTECTING slob who will kill to save his daily gruel, his pitiful property, his wage, his debt) would be to offer a better solution, so that the planet can heal from the damage we've done as a so-called civilised nee war-mongering race.

one night, like one of those Biblical Purges normal folk get such rod-ons for: just everybody gets abducted in the middle of the night, torn from their beds and placed into a floating living unit along with other genetically comparable fellows and taught the lessons they'll need for life in these Diversities. Taught how to live within an Arranged Marriage kinda lifestyle; having to get on, to survive. The bizarre thing about this 'crime against you' is that you'll be freer than you've ever been - able to go where ever you wish in the world without passport or ID.

with the betterment of the planet in mind, could we feasibly banish mankind to these wonderfully-utile floating living units for the 'foreseeable future'?  They'll have all you need: hydroponically-generated food and water, shelter, local solutions to energy and sewage. You just won't be allowed land of claim any part of this planet as your private property. I want mankind to know what it means to really love a place again. These crazy little fucks whose only fun in life is to shit on something good, poison it, graffiti it, ruin it, own it - they need a little Super Nannying, so that they'll really understand what they're missing.

Education, culture, romance, marriage, love, whatever your Diversity needs can still be sustained; but doing it this way, you'll learn the value of selective birth control and you'll (hopefully) learn to respect the land you're allowed to land on from time to time.

What do you reckon? Too harsh? Do you have any brighter, healthier, lovelier ideas?

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