Monday, September 10, 2012

Gwenyth Todd - Neocons plotted US war on Iran - Richard Clarke a 9/11 person of interest

Gwenyth Todd: Neocons plotted US war on Iran; Richard Clarke a 9/11 person of interest,

that's the title of The Kevin Barrett Show September 4th 2012 edition.

In this special 90-minute interview, Gwenyth tells the first half of the story about how she stopped the neocon false-flag plans for war on Iran. (Stay tuned for the follow-up Sept. 18th!) She also reveals the real story about how uber-stalker Monica Lewinsky got access to Clinton – she was there!

Surprisingly, she suggests that the prime 9/11 suspects are not necessarily the best-known PNAC neocons (Wolfowitz, Perle, Rumsfeld, Libby, etc.) Having worked with Richard Clarke from the time he was busted for spying for Israel and immediately promoted to Clinton’s National Security Council, Gwenyth pointedly does not disagree with Webster Tarpley’s and Gordon Duff’s suggestion that the prime suspect for hands-on designer and operational manager of the 9/11 attacks is none other than “Terror Czar” and out-in-the-open Israeli spy Dick Clarke himself. She says Clarke is one of the “untouchables” and that he…well, you’ll just have to listen to this amazing interview!
[source NO LIES RADIO]

"You know what we're going to do in Iraq and we need like-minded people in the Pentagon to make it happen," Richard Perle talking to Gwenyth Todd in January 2001.

ADDITIONAL AUDIO INTERVIEW: here's the September 18th 2012 follow-up interview with Gwenyth Todd (and Susan Lindauer), advertised in the original September 4th 2012 NO LIES RADIO link (above).

First hour: Gwenyth Todd, a high-level adviser in the Bush 1, Clinton, and Bush 2 administrations, stopped TWO plots to stage false-flag events designed to trigger a US war on Iran for Israel. Her reward for her patriotism: Apparent attempts to kill her, harassment by the FBI and legal system, and even the murder of a close associate. In this interview, Gwenyth picks up where she left off two weeks ago, after fingering Richard “your government failed you” Clarke as an Israeli spy and 9/11 suspect, and telling the amazing story of how she stopped the 2007 neocon-Zionist war on Iran. She’ll finish that story today!

Second hour: Former CIA asset Susan Lindauer may be the most dangerous whistleblower in America. Lindauer has gone on record about the CIA’s detailed foreknowledge of 9/11, which she repeatedly discussed with her CIA handler Richard Fuisz during the spring and summer of 2001. (After 9/11, Fuisz was handed 13 million dollars in hush money, which he used to build a mansion in Virginia.)

MAY 2013 VIDEO UPADATE: on the subject of inciting 'war with iran', Todd says, "These people don't mess around ... they wanted war, and they want war now."

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