Sunday, September 02, 2012

Mary Croft - The Infliction of Commerce - The Uniform Commercial Code

"The cause of every single problem upon this planet ... is the INFLICTION OF COMMERCE by the banks onto the people," Mary Croft in 2008.

Since the 1930's all 'countries' have been operating in a bankruptcy - banks control the people of the world using INFLATION - laws are only there to serve the Corporations who invented them via their corporate entities i.e. you and I.

I love Mary's idea of tallying 'murder victims' against entries in the profit/loss account for that country, state or town.

“Law” does not apply to us, until we break the “law” which does not apply to us. Since the only ‘law’ is Criminal Breach of Trust –all other laws on the books are just dog and pony shows– (except for Criminal Breach of Contract - see above), we have to go where we were never intended to go, ought not to go, have no interest in going, don’t want to go, etc. How did this happen?!?! We have been severely deceived and I go completely wild when I hear, “we allowed them to do this” or “this is due to our apathy” or “we are guilty of the present state of affairs”. NONSENSE ! This was deliberate deception by the Crown and the Vatican. [source MARY CROFT'S BLOG]

You (and I) are all wage-slaves or loan-slaves or debt-slaves, to the RISK-game players, and you don't know - or refuse to listen. In fact, you've been duped by the bankers that 'this is what life is or should be'.

Your future 'earning potential' insurance defined under your Birth Certificated Signature as 'unlimited credit' to fund 'commercial corporations' has ALREADY PAID FOR anything you want to 'buy' in a shop or showroom.

"We were NEVER SUPPOSED TO earn our living," Mary Croft explains Creativity, Passion and Kinship or 'personal skill usage' for a Free Planet.

It's already a FREE PLANET, always has been; by design - the whole world is already PRE-PAID by our existence - we are the real financial system of this planet.

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