Thursday, September 13, 2012

Religious Hatred is being used against You The People

THE ONION - no on murdered because of this image

yesterday, the American Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens was killed by an angry mob, which might just be militants - allegedly because some bad film was made with bad taste.

It's desperate that we DON'T FALL FOR THE POLITICAL GAME that's being played with the 'death of this man'.

Don't allow a generated race war (that started with the heinous 9/11 and 7/7 propaganda) to be THE END OF THIS WORLD.

We must understand that ALL HOLY BOOKS (of any flavour, from about 3000-2000 years ago) are nothing more than Oral Tradition (i.e. mostly myths and fireside stories passed down by the equivalent of Chinese Whispers) that were scribbled onto the page.

Believing in (and actually living by this radical stuff) in this day and age is a fucking joke.

"It's not the RELIGION (a means of reinforced belief) that's wrong because it's not THE TRUTH, it's the institutionalised propaganda use of the SOURCE that's the real crime."

This God-kowtowing upbringing is the REAL WEAPON that fuckers in the intelligence service and the churches use against You The People.

Believe what you want, fine: but don't IMPOSE that belief, it's not your right.

Get your heads out of your MIND CONTROL BOOKS and worship LIFE, ffs.

Worship the right of EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL to say, "Fuck you and your King's propaganda!"

Shuffle off that yoke of (corporate) control, stop listening to your imams and your priests, THINK FOR YOURSELVES, ffs.

AFTERNOON UPDATE - the real issue:
after we've had our little drama about why religion is a tool used against you, and while we're watching American Embassies under siege or being raided in countries such as Yemen, Egypt, Syria and Tunisia, how about we add to the debate and get on to the real issue of what's really being abused here i.e. DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY.

Basically, for as long as Embassies have existed in Foreign Countries, they've been used as infiltration bases from which to command operations within the foreign territory; with the surety that as long as Diplomatic Immunity or Safehouse Territory can be relied upon, no loss no gain.


Maybe it's time to say, "Hey, if you're a tourist/businessman in a foreign country, it's time you tried to adhere to the LAWS OF THAT LAND," you know, instead of trying to 'legally' export a small section of your countries legal jurisdiction into every foreign country you're (potentially) plotting to overthrow for territorial, asset or political gain i.e. PROFIT.

Maybe it's time to CLOSE ALL EMBASSIES in foreign countries, and just get on with our own lives; using our own Creativity, Passion and Kinship on our own interests?

And while we're there, in the Think Tank, digging deep into the Military Industrial Complex's dirty laundering, isn't it also time we considered closing down all those American Bases in foreign countries where the American presence is no longer (was it ever?) required or needed?

MAY 2013 UPDATE: I've been looking for a place to mention this amazing video ... it's quite scary how religion i.e. The Crusades, is the new worst enemy. Don't bite this bait, it's what they're after. Remember Arab Spring, don't be drawn into another righteous God-war. Free Planet means freedom from all such 'religious' dogma. No God, just You The People and I.

Why are the UK Muslims in this video speaking like they are only governed by 'sharia' and not the Laws of this Land in which they've chosen to live - do Muslims have DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY? Seems like they 'think' they do.

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MaybeBoo said...

Interesting that you mention the embassy/consulate - journalism is in such a poor way that no one actualy checks anything, they just tow the party line - except jim stone freelance (google it for the site) and other unknowns - there was no embassy/consulate in Benghazi. Check it out. Facts are so damned inconvenient. It is all play acting/scripted /disinfo shit - and we are still discussing how many angels fit on the head of a pin. Peace