Thursday, September 20, 2012

Star 'child' is an ADULT - AMMACH Lloyd Pye update

sketch of adult STARCHILD based on x-rays of its skull
AMMACH project interviewed 'starchild researcher' Lloyd Pye (author of Human Origins: Intervention Theory) in front of a small audience at StarChild Sponsor Belinda McKenzie's Highgate residence in UK and got the latest updates from his investigation into the amazing skull found in 1930s and dating back to about 1100 AD.

Revelations in this update:

1) though from a very short 'humanoid', THIS IS THE SKULL OF AN ADULT.

2) the thin-boned tough-boned i.e. fibre-reinforced tooth-enamel-like skull of this 'starchild' has a capacity of 1600cc, that's 200cc MORE than a full-grown human adult.

3) it's looking like the 'eye' of this thing is a FIXED EYE and the 'outer lens' we associate with The Grays, the black almond-shaped eye is actually some sort of lens giving 180 degree vision.

Yes, Lloyd Pye is stating that the STARCHILD SKULL is actually 'the skull of a Gray' in this most recent interview with the AMMACH chaps -- the plot (certainly) thickens.

I like Belinda McKenzie's comment, interviewed in the latter part of this video, "The Science, as it was..." and her comments that 'we might need help' from these people-from-space, I suspect they've already BEEN HELPING US by delivering messages such as Free Planet's ethos of Creativity, Passion and Kinship to those who care to listen ancouraging us to PUT TO SLEEP the prison of profit the warring/inter-marrying Landlords have imposed upon mankind.

Genetic Analysis Summary:  from analysis of the mitochondrial DNA, the woman's skull found with the 'starchild' was Meso American type A, the skull of the starchild was Meso American type C. This means, human mother for the female skull AND the starchild skull.

1) the woman found with the starchild WAS NOT IT'S MOTHER.
2) the further DNA test on nuclear DNA revealed the woman skull to be human, meso american type A, whereas the primer system of DNA analysis didn't work with the starchild skull.

IT DIDN'T WORK. Problem is, the FATHER ISN'T HUMAN...  geddit?

And if we're thinking of a Virgin Birth, you know the Mary's womb was used to bear the fertilised hybrid egg of the 'visiting angel', was it conceivable that JESUS WAS PUG-UGLY like the starchild is?  Should all those portraits of a westernised beardy Messiah be amended to something like this? 

does this mean Jesus is a space alien?

Space Jesus would have that sinus-free weird little voice like a cricket. He'd certainly would have something of an 'allure' to his pysical demeanor if he had this sorta look; especially if he had 'telepathic powers' for communication, he could PROJECT anything into the audience's mind. Right? Or just yet more internet tom-foolery? Time will tell, and DNA.


David 1 said...

Hi Free Planet:

This is David1 from Prometheus Forum.
Sorry for not leaving a comment on the Forum about Lloyd Pyes StarChild, but for some personal reasons I rather not.
Very interesting this whole thing. I've been following it very closly and as un-bias as possible [I'm a sort of a skeptic, but not a stubborn one]
Keep it up friend.


Mike Philbin said...

no worries,

glad you read Free Planet.