Friday, September 07, 2012

Dr Young-hae Chi - the environmental or socio-political aspect of the Alien Abduction phenomenon

very interesting couple of hours spent today with Dr Young-hae Chi.

I'd seen Dr Chi on a recent UndergroundUK video of an A.M.M.A.C.H. (anomalous mind management abuctee contactee helpline) meetup at Bodenham Manor. I'm generally good with faces, and Dr Chi's face looked familiar. In fact, he lives just round the corner from me. I contacted him and arranged to meet up with him.


Dr Chi has been researching so-called alien abduction for a number of years and has at least fifty case studies under his belt. He has developed a refreshingly holistic view of the abduction experience that incorporates both the environmental aspects of a ruined planet and the global socio-political aspects of not being able to do enough to avert the coming storm.

I share David Jacobs’s view that at the heart of alien abduction is the production of alien-human hybrids, and yet I do not accept his conclusion that the hybrid project is aimed at colonising human civilisation. Here I suggest an alternative scenario. Aliens have been producing hybrids as a way to respond to the rapidly deteriorating environmental condition of the earth and the possible extinction of human species. [source AMMACH]

He has concentrated his research, therefore, on this aspect of the phenomenon, based on the vivid (and consistent) testimony from the abductees he's interviewed, that the Earth is soon (could be the next few years or few tens of years until we reach a point of no return in terms of global warming, YHC) about to enter into a VERY DARK PERIOD where what we take for granted might no longer exist, total and utter desolation; abomination.

APOCALYPSE - it's something most of the people he's talked to say they've been SHOWN by their abductors: deeply intense and harrowing visions of a world being razed to the ground, (left covered in some ash-like substance with no breathable fresh air, YHC), devoid of life; extinct.

It's something Whitley Strieber also noted, that whatever this abduction phenomenon might be (aliens in space ships, extra-dimensional parallel worlders, or just our mythical heritage made flesh) the SHOWING THE PEOPLE their doom seems a sinister i.e. cruel, pre-occupation. Question, "If this destruction is inevitable, why show us? Why not just let us alone in our ignorance, wallowing in our denial of the damage we're doing?"  The implication being that You The People can do something about this, en masse, if we decide?

We discussed many other things including 'parallel planetary resonances' and how this could possibly be making the abductee's experience not only physical i.e. bodily paralysis but also mind i.e. brain paralysis. All too soon, three hours had passsed and our time was up... more to come.

MAY 2013 UPDATE: a two-hour follow-up meeting with Dr Young-Hae Chi took place in St Anthony's College cafeteria and then the common room. Instead of going over the same ground, we decided to explore what this 'regression evidence' might mean. Obviously, the aliens are looking to use humanity as a symbiotic partner. Obviously, by the way these humans are being 'observed' during abduction, there might be an element of Chess in the way that any planned symbiosis is to be implemented. But more than that, are other alien races looking to use Cats and Owls and Earthworms as symbiotic partners?

As there are growing tales of Human Abduction & Experimentation, so are there tales of Animal Abduction & Experimentation. I've not looked at the literature to corroborate this thought, but I bet people's pets are somehow involved in these abductions to some degree. There have been massive die-backs of animal species in recent 'global warming' times. Can we assume there is a race of alien per species, working to ? Is there a Whale Alien, a Cheetah Alien, a Jellyfish Alien?

A former military adviser for South Korea, Dr Chi wasn't keen on my (naive) insistence that the Alien Abduction phenomena and UFOs in general was a for-PROFIT Military Operation and everything that happens to Mankind is designed to INCREASE THE TURNOVER OF MASSIVE GLOBAL CORPORATE (or Conglomerate) ORGANISATIONS. That seemed a little too far fetched...


muzuzuzus said...

the subject of Ecology seems taboo, if my latest experience is any indicator. I had received an email to view this warning about the melting of the arctic: Arctic ice is in a death spiral and the implications are enormous
Of course, is for real, this is devastating news, so I shared it on Facebooks etc, and wanted to share it one some forums I am with, but both had no section specifically for talking about ecology. So I asked the admin athese places and didn't get much help. So I just found apathy at one, and the other---The Shroomery which is supposed to be devoted to psychedelic issues and insight, the so-called 'public' section I was advised to post it in, I just met with *SUCH* disinterest but also uncouth foul mouthed hostility,hatred, I just couldn't fukin believe it. A racist white supremacist red-neck Nazi forum couldn't be fukin worse if your 'admitted' you was Jewish or black or both.
IF these people have taken psychedelics and carry on like that when someone wants to talk about the natural environment, we is fukin doomed!! The sacred medicine aint workin for these people.

Mike Philbin said...

for me it's dead simple, for centuries the Roman Empire and others have been decimating the wildlife (in the Gladiatorial arena, and over fishing) and chopping down all the trees.

Mankind is idiot when it goes for NOTHING BUT MONEY.

Free Planet is far more important than any other venture - when you fuck up the world, THERE'S NO FUCKING MONEY TO BE MADE any more.