Sunday, October 21, 2012

Free Planet - do you believe? do you have faith?

Deceased in June 2012, Yorkshire man Brendon Grimshaw bought Moyenne Island in the Seychelles in 1965 for the modest sum of £8,000. He fixed it up, planted thousands of trees and was offered millions, time after time refusing to sell. It was designated a National Park in 2009.

And his story goes to prove that 'until you believe' in Free Planet, until you actually have faith that 'you can make your world a better place', it's not (never) gonna happen.


Well, you believe in Personality God and (therefore) it exists.
You believe in Growth Economy and (therefore) it exists.
You believe in Commercial Freedom and (therefore) it exists ... well, your perception's been criminally warped by hundreds of years of mass exploitation and doctrinal abuse by those you vote into power, or rather 'those who already were in power and decided to rename that despotic act Democracy'.

Democracy is the biggest bag of garbage staining contemporary society - nobody gives a fuck about taking part in the Military Industrial Party; nobody exercises their democratic right.

It seems it's dead simple with Humans; you've gotta believe for it to be true - even if it's a massive fucking lie, like personality god and growth economy and commercial freedom.

Even that sick a cynical deception on the part of You The People by those who manage the Surveillance Net so that their corporate War For Profit can keep account of your birth/death; track your infinite productivity in the name of a slave planet.

Believe you're not a slave; believe you don't need laws: believe you can live on a world that's precious to, and passionately cared for by, all seven billion poeople.

Humanity is a self-fulfilling prophecy - believe, and Free Planet will happen.

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