Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Free Planet - floating homes - spherical taxi - gyroscopic air turbine

this is a slightly updated version of the original 'peanut taxi' and 'modular housing' free planet floating homes idea. This revision, I went for a sleaker home design that uses it own material structure to rest on the floor. The engines are detachable as spherical taxis that can use gps + military satellite recognition to track you.

The real purpose behind the design change has to do with the term 'floating homes' - in the past it's come to mean some amazing lift system like Tesla's gyroscopic air turbine - which now encompasses the ABILITY TO LAND IN WATER. This came to my mind, this ability to land in water, based on the activity of migrating birds who will 'land in the ocean or in lakes' during their world-long migrations. Why not have Floating Homes that are 'able to float' i.e. are water tight and round bottomed so that they can do just that.

As before, the top of the floating home will deal with water/energy creation; the lower floor will deal with hydroponic food production for mobile self-sufficiency. Go anywhere, be anything, Custodian; it's a Free Planet.

We have the technology, let's use it for GOOD.

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