Thursday, October 25, 2012

Free Planet - innocent until proven guilty?

"Innocent until proven guilty," it's the basis of our judicial system, but is it any use?


That's the only problem with this 'public school' or 'weight of evidence' game; and it is just a game - hell, you have to register for the game by appearing at a Hearing (where they 'ask you your name, ffs) like they don't know shit. And as it is just a game, the rules are there to be 'bent by the professionals' or worse BROKEN COMPLETELY and set you up for something you didn't do, something you may have no alibi for. And it's happened, is happening and will happen again; because it's just a game.

Here's the truth of any crime, "We all know if we've done it, or not. We all know if we've commited the crime. It's just a case of whether we give a shit about it at all."

And this MOSTLY comes down to a question of CSE or Common Sense Education - for example: the simpleton bus stop wrecker or reckless graffiti artist or ambivalent litterer or... you know everyday mundane social stuff. We all know if we've done it or not. But our judicial system will support us if we're 'caught', it will 'help us to prove our innocence'. The judicial system will protect us from 'the wrong sort of evidence' being presented at our trial; say, the inadmissible evidence that we're child molestors or wife beaters or fraudsters in such a small claim case.

And it's true that a judicial system of Evidential Tonnage can seem fair; but...


Ask us, and see if we're man enough to admit. We'll take the consequences, or throw a finger at you for suggesting that we do so. That's called 'our personality'. But why do some of us wreck shit and some of us not?


For example, the bus stop wrecker, he wrecks bus stops (or public phone boxes or library books etc.), smashing the glass, cutting his tag(streetname) into the perspex with Stanley knives, pissing and shitting in there even; ruining or destroying public property. "It's all right," he snears, "I'm giving some worker the chance to fix it. I'm keeping people in work," he might argue.

But who pays for his wanton mischief? HIS STUPID PARENTS. Do the parents even realise this? Do the parents even care? Do they share this information with their kids?


Not whether mathematical infinity exists or what flavour of it, but "Do the parents share the truths of the finite asset world with their offspring?"  if the answer is NO to this question, then we're letting our children down, we're letting our children's children down. The earth is not an infinite resource. It is VERY FINITE. The only 'divide by zero' that'll be relevant is when  all the goodness this world can offer has been squeazed from it by arrogance and blind faith in PROFIT as a reasonable life choice, a prison no-choice lifestyle.



The answer is, "Do you care enough to want a clear conscience?"

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