Sunday, October 21, 2012

Philip K Dick talks about THE MATRIX in 1977

recorded at Metz sci-fi convention in France, 1977

I mean, you'all know that I'm really interested in dreams as a way to furnish novels - I've done it since my very first novel RED HEDZ by Michael Paul Peter published by Creation Press in 1987. Last night, in fact, I dreamt about a gorgeously flirtatious woman who got out of bed in a properly erotic fashion despite (or maybe because of) the old-fashioned knickers, the way she held herself in front of that dressing table mirror, and claimed to be my great-great great-great grandmother, claims she was made pregnant when she was five years old.

Now, this is OF COURSE seems like total garbled dream garbage - but it came at the end of a night literally chock-full of amazing and vivid dreams. It really is like our lives are split between the conscious world where you're reading this blog and the unconscious world where WE ALL MIGHT BE SHARING SOME REALLY AMAZING REALITY. I have no idea what these dreams mean, but they're so much more than the brains randomised reordering of the events of the day.

Did you see two black cats? Some one rewrote some thing...

DAY LATER UPDATE: wow, what an amazingly deep, meaningful and expansive little dream I had last night. I say 'little' because it was located on a low-budget village-set where the zombies had run amok. There was this special grey old tree, a village ritual was taking place around it. A very tiring chase ensued through the village, by two or three psychic children and one woman. Met a coder from my former games company who was grilling me about technical copyright issues 'beyond my understanding'. Escaped in a FIVE SEATER Reliant Robin (!) there was even a mechanical zombie grabber for getting these things off the roof of your vehicle. The whole dream had a feeling of being a run-through for a new game idea that former company was working on; guinnea pig like story.

Gave me the sense that SEVERAL PEOPLE are involved in each dream AT THE SAME TIME. Yes, like Jung's collective unconscious BUT I'm still not convinved whether 'all these dream actors' are on the same planet during the dream. Are humans dreaming for aliens who can't? Or something else???

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