Monday, October 15, 2012

some home truths about your rancid shithole

Ready, this is really going to hurt, and you fucking deserve it, sorry...

Airspace is militarised:
most 'commercial airlines' have to get permission to fly through pre-assigned channels - they go off course by more than one air mile and the military shoot them out of the skies (apart from September 11th 2001, which was a special VERY SPECIAL day for 'rules being broken').

Internet is captive audience:
everything you do on the internet is LOGGED SOMEWHERE. There'll be a file on you, and your activity. There'll be loads of evidence of your crimes of freedom. There'll be fines to pay in the not too distant uber-Fascist internet future. And your capitalist Internet Service Provider won't be allowed to keep that activity secret. One day, the internet will go live with all your crap -- admit all your sins, now, before they hold your sick fantasy world against you. And speaking of sins...

Christianity is planetary murder:
did he just say, "Christianity is planetary murder?" Of course he did, and here's why. The big white beardy man in the sky who takes Sunday off (or Friday in Muslim countries) is the one cock-sure deity that's usurped all the other Pagan spirits mankind used to believe in, worship, actively custodianise. In fact, Christianity (Islam, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism; all monotheism) has killed THE EARTH. Once there was a single Celebrity God (adopted by the Holy Roman Empire during their conquest of their savage neighbours (and then the Corporations in their bid to conglomeratise the world)) who shat on all the other Nature deities, the Earth started to die. And it has continued dying ever since - not because of a lack of faith, but because of NEGLECT or EXPLOITATION. All this death and suffering thanks to the non-Pagan MSGs or Monotheist Slaughter Godmas.

Your car, your phone, your house/property IS NOT YOUR FREEDOM:
you're a tool, a total and utter wage slave to the REPAYMENTS - don't you fucking get this? I mean, have you all been lobotomised? Is everybody just a mindless fucking zombie consumer with a Basic hymn sheet that goes "10 print 'buy ', 20 goto 10"? Your whole life orbits around these invented debts so-called Contemporary Society fosters upon its servants. And you are nothing but a scummy little Accounting Unit for these capitalist game players. Your property? Don't make me laugh. For it to be 'your property' it would have had to have been 'someone else's property' at some time, you know; you pay them and it's yours now - bullshit, you pay WHO?

No one, it's just a scam perpetrated by historical border control aka RFI or Royal Families Interbreeding.

And why am I being so harsh on you useless little fucking turdbrains (who support this Empire-remnant system) this fine evening? Well, kid gloves doesn't work, hasn't worked, didn't work with you. Common sense don't work. You still went about your imprisoned lifestyles buying the fashion advice and participating in the legalised stealing that is taxes and licenses and passports and copyright and patents and VAT and trespass and mine mine mine, not our ours ours to Protect like Custodians. You laid on your collective back and let one or two greedy fat fucking pricks spunk their evil-shit brain-numbing slave-agenda all over your gaping potty mouth. All seven billion of you are the gulping toilets of Modern Society, you take it in your spattered on bowl; then you're flushed down the drain.

Oh, maybe it nearly worked with one or two of Free Planet's 346 Followers who work in CCO or Consular Covert Operations on this insane cellularised prison world, because they already know how this stupid game works.

And it just a game.
And you are just pawns.
And that mean a Collateral Damage clause upon you all when 'needs must', sorry luvs.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I couldn't agree more. And I play the stupid game as little as I can. Never even had a credit card in my 50 odd year life, never had a new car, never bought a house I can't own in this forsaken country (u.s.), and your contempt is shared by mine self. Don't do that keep up with the Joneses shite, don't do vanity or anything else that's a waste of time and or resources, and spent most of my life feeding the system as little as possible.