Friday, October 26, 2012

ten year study - there are no psychic people left - or are there?


I've been trying, for the last ten years, to contact people psychically. But why would I be trying to do this? Well, it's real, isn't it, psychic communication? Isn't it something Jung even suggested for our Collective Dreamstate? Aren't there supposed tele-psychics and remote viewers all over this planet? People who can talk with the Other Realm and communicate without disturbing the air waves with their glotic projections?

I did have a minor success back in 1985-86 or so, sent a message to one person in a group I regularly met with, "What is this RED thing," got answers like penguin with sunburn, phone box, letter box and finally (my target said) ROSE. That was a shocking but maybe just statistical happenstance, no one had said 'rose' up until that point and there aren't really that many red-things that spring to mind or are at the tip of our tongues. It's not how we spontaneously react to the red-thing question.

For the last ten years, I've been projecting (as I did in 1985-86) other such key-word messages of invitations to random members of the public. I've been the guy behind you on a coach trying to will you to turn around, I've been visiting you via astral projection to implant a nugget of potential, I've been trying to get a physical reaction (itch) from you as you walked by. I've attempted to manifest myself to people I know. Yesterday, I was working in a public situation and had the word ORANGE (and a picture of an orange) on my notepad and couldn't get ANYONE to come up to me and say the word or otherwise associate themselves with my 'message'.

I've been up to this pointless stuff for TEN YEARS, and nothing. So far no one has come up to me and said, "I'm psychic, please stop sending me these messages."

In fact, nobody even seems to bother what I 'send them' psychically, iff I'm sending ANYTHING psychically at all; and such psychic impotence wouldn't surprise me. That twenty-five years ago event 'might' have just been a) a  fluke or b) chance.

Anybody successfully sent, and had confirmed receipt? I mean, SERIOUSLY, in the last ten years? Of course I'm wondering whether wifi, or the microwave transmitters that litter our society, are actually de-psychic-ifying us?

Sunday 29th October update: spent all day again working with the public, sending the word APRICOT. Not only sending 'the word' on line of sight, but also sending BIG FLASHY SPECTACULAR APRICOT imagery into the air, rolling small mind-apricots on the floor, launching huge mind-apricot-balloons into the air, making my head an entire apricot, peeling away the flesh to show how my brain made up the pip, the tip of the apricot sticking out of my head, took a mind-boolean through the apricot so that all the flesh swung a around a solid core.

NOTHING. Not a single psychic came up to me to suggest I stop it, or something.

Monday 30 October update: again, back to my usual seasonal stand, didn't bother sending any messages today. Then, a woman came up to me (in the course of a purchase) with an arm in a sling. She was in her late 50's 60's or something. I chose the most unlikely thing she might have been doing to so injure herself.

"Trail biking?" I asked, pointing at her forearm.
"I wasn't. They were. Behind me in the car. I caught my wrist on the tail gate," she explains like I was there with her.
"Do you realise what just happened there?" I asked.
"Well, trail biking? We've never met. How was I to know you hurt yourself Trail Biking?"
"Oh, yes," she says, "Very good."  

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kiminimunekyun said...

I've been trying frequently in the past year to communicate telepathically with people who are located near and far. Nothing. Your question is one I would also like answered.