Saturday, November 03, 2012

a week of really garbage films

Winter's Bone - garbage
Avengers Assemble - garbage
Never Let Me Go - garbage
Rock of Ages - garbage
127 Hours - not as garbage as I'd expected it to be. It was 'clever', the way they had the guy a total jack-ass who it turns out was only masking his unique self-sufficiency. The film was a lot better than the previous four, which did have their positive moments.

* Winter's Bone - gritty realism is sorely lacking in today's overlit porn-bomb splendour.
* Avenger's Assemble - what a lovely balletic Tom & Jerry-like Hulk Smash on Loki.
* Never Let Me Go - did that happen? Did we really all go through the 70's 80's here in UK not aware that some major national experiment was under way involving CHILDREN? Oh, Kazuo Ishigura is Japanese and writes of 'an England that never existed' and oh, padeophile ring investigations underway across the Public School / adoption system as we speak.
* Rock of Ages - no redeeming features - no, you didn't read me wrong (unlike the previous three) Rock of Ages had no redeeming features. Didn't even get through ten minutes of it before bailing and leaving it to the rest of the family to 'endure'. Worse than The Deli.

But, generally, GIVE ME AVATAR 2 already(!)

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