Monday, November 19, 2012

Free Planet - I love you, you pay me RENT.

there was a song, in the 1980's by the gay band The Pet Shop Boys that went something like this, "I love you, you pay my RENT."

Now, while that song might have been about RENT BOYS i.e. young men who get fucked in the ass for cash, there's still something to be learned about this 'trade in human subjugation'.

BTW I'm talking, still, about RENT:

1a. Payment, usually of an amount fixed by contract, made by a tenant at specified intervals in return for the right to occupy or use the property of another.
1b. A similar payment made for the use of a facility, equipment, or service provided by another.
2. The return derived from cultivated or improved land after deduction of all production costs.
3. The revenue yielded by a piece of land in excess of that yielded by the poorest or least favorably located land under equal market conditions. Also called economic rent.

Are you awake, sir or madam? If so, you (may) see where I'm going with this? We're all (most of us) working our fucking arses off (smutty pun intended) day in day out in jobs that demean us with conditions and pay that would embarrass slaves in third world countries so that some rich fuck can hear the filthy lucre of rent payments jingling into his fat pocket.


Now, who the fuck did he get the land from? And who really cares? It's just some arbitrary words on a piece of paper i.e. contract. It's just a temporary status quo until 'the masses' wake up.


When did we all agree to be DONATORS OF OUR LIVES to these 'clever criminals'? I say, "END RENT, this evening." what'll happen? I mean, "Really?" Nothing much, I wager. Free Planet will just get over the loss, fairly quickly. No? Stupid Humanzzz like paying his rentzzz to contract inventorzzz?

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