Tuesday, November 13, 2012

H.R. Giger scuplture CAPRICORN - understanding Free Planet

as I was born in the month of January, I'm a Capricorn.

Austrian hyper-surrealist and inventor of the Alien creature, H.R. Giger did a series of astrological sculptures in 1995 or so; here's Capricorn - joy.

image copyright H.R. Giger (c)1995

and this creation, this weird and confusing work of art, sorta made me realise, "Artists aren't supposed to be understood," you're supposed to 'go along with it' and 'enjoy the ride', artists are supposed to be 'remembered for their creations' and by that (of course) I'm refering to this ponderous Free Planet mantra I keep hammering out. Day in, day out.

Some would say I need a rest, but I don't. I can't rest. It's a MIND SET. Free Planet is supposed to be lived, not 'understood'. What's that allegory about an unfamiliar path, "Never criticize a man until you've walked a mile in his moccasins." You're supposed to 'give it a try' and walk like an Egyptian. Put your mind to the task.

I look at this world, or rather the people in it, ruling it, subjugated by it, and I'm just sorta disgusted at the apathy, the complicity and self-defeatism that goes on, on a daily basis, in the name of the stupidest made-up communal city lifestyle ever, Consumerism (or Privatised Communism as is its function). I'm awe-struck by all the gratuitous insanity of a world off-kilter where the latest shoes, hat, cat are far more important than where we're being led, as a race of (supposedly super intelligent) Sheople. I look into the ewey eyes of Joe Public and beg and pray that one of them, one day, is gonna go, "It's okay, Mike, we all really understand what you're trying to tell us," and pats me on the shoulder like it's gonna be alright and our children's children aren't gonna suffer in some terrible Corporate Gulag working for slave wage so that some fat cunt can slurp his extra-rare shark-fin soup from a golden soup spoon.

And, you know, that's all I can hope for, as my death approaches. Before all the energy I'm investing, into this Free Planet blog and the (planned) novels that are spawning from it, dissipates: ceases to be. That someone TRIES, at least tries, to see the world through Free Planet eyes. Then someone who has tried, and seen the potential for themselves, can convince others of its benefit to the planet and ALL her inhabitants.

That someone will have 'real global influence' (i.e. not me, obviously) and will take this mission forward; twenty, fifty, a hundred years after I'm gone.

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