Monday, November 19, 2012

Susan Lindauer on American Freedom Radio - truth drug the whole planet

there's a new audio interview with CIA-whistleblower and Saddam Hussein/Iraq/Libya/Lockerbie negotiator nine months before 9/11, Susan Lindauer, over at American Freedom Radio.


She summarises the Patriot Act like this, "The Patriot Act was already in John Yoo's drawer; 7,000 pages that pretty much replicates the 1926 Soviet Penal Code under Joseph Stalin. Secret charges where you're not allowed to know what you're accused of doing."

Lindauer suggests that (due to a largely repressed Executive Order) any Martial Law won't be instigated by Government (sic), but will actually be 'the people of a nation handed over to the amorality of the corporation', a private or privatised or nda-signed martial law devoid of any Constitutional Rights (sic).

Another interesting comment concerns Rumsfeld's 'September 10th 2001, missing $2.4 trillion' - it's now gained such usury (now totalling $10 trillion via a numbered Asian account) that it'd erase Fiscal Cliff.

My final word on this, before you get listening, "I wish we could just TRUTH DRUG THE WHOLE PLANET and see the Naked Lunch moment on the end of Every Corporate/Human Fork."

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